Basic resources / tips for finding & following earnings

For people interested in earnings plays, here’s some basic resources to know what’s coming up and also getting the information as quickly as possible.

First, Earnings Whisperers has a fantastic calendar. Even better is if you sign up for their weekly email, on the weekend you get the nice image with the most popular earnings for the coming week. You don’t have to pay anything to signup and receive the emails or use the site.

Keyword tips:

  • BMO = Before Market Open
  • AMC = After Market Close

This calendar is updated with EPS, sales, and guidance numbers once they company releases them, so it’s a quick and easy resource to get those initial numbers.

Besides the calendar, if you click on a stock it will take you to the analysis page where most importantly you can see how the “whisperer” number compares to market consensus EPS.

Usually by the week before earnings the whisperers site is 99% correct. Sometimes they omit a (smaller) company, sometimes they have a company listed that doesn’t have earnings.

There is a similar problem with brokerages and various websites, they often will just publish an “estimated” date based on the previous earnings date, without telling you if it is confirmed or not. NEVER BLINDLY TRUST THESE DATES.

Which brings me to my second tip. If you want to be 100% absolutely sure about the date / time for a company’s earnings report, simply google: “company name investor relations”. Every publicly traded company has an investor relations page which is the de facto resource you want to use. Typically under their latest news they should have an announcement for their earnings date and conference call information. Likewise there should be a page showing their latest earnings information, which if you want to get that information fastest you should just keep refreshing that page waiting for it to be published.

Okay, so maybe you don’t want to have half a dozen investor relation websites open constantly refreshing and trying to catch the news. Typically the “bigger” brokerages like TD & Fidelity will publish basic earnings news near real-time. Smaller brokerages like Webull & Robinhood can lag behind by several minutes or more.

Hopefully this will get some people started in the right direction. Would love to hear tips and other resources people use for earnings info!