Biopharma Catalyst (FDA Approvals & Data Read outs)

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CADL up 20-30%

  • Updated positive interim data showed notable improvements in estimated median overall survival of 28.8 months after experimental treatment with CAN-2409 versus only 12.5 months in control group in borderline resectable pancreatic ductal adenorcarcinoma (PDAC)
  • At 24 months, survival rate was 71.4% in CAN-2409 treated patients versus only 16.7% in the control group after chemoradiation. At 36 months, estimated survival was 47.6% in the CAN-2409 group versus 16.7% in the control group
  • No new safety signals were observed, providing further support that multiple injections of CAN-2409 were generally well tolerated, with no dose-limiting toxicities and no cases of pancreatitis
  • Previous analysis of resected tumors showed dense aggregates of immune cells, including CD8+, cytotoxic tumor infiltrating lymphocytes, and dendritic cells, in PDAC tissue after CAN-2409 administration, confirming activation of a robust antitumoral immune response

CADL fluctuating between +20-50%.
Curious to see if they do an offering. May jump in if they do.

" the Company expects that its existing cash and cash equivalents will be sufficient to fund its current operating plan into the fourth quarter of 2024."

Yes, seems offering is likely.

Just looked up our first call out, it was at 0.97475. The reason why i mention this because this made us successful. We capitalize on the run-up (a bullish market helps) and not only on the catalyst. If you want to start a position now, it needs to be a long-term hold.

EFTR halted <@117812411758542852> <@644992772243456023> <@741367626588094495>


Failed: . Based on 36 events, the hazard ratio for progression free survival (PFS, the primary endpoint of the study) using a stratified Cox proportional hazards model was 0.62 (95% confidence intervals 0.3 to 1.3) in favor of tomivosertib. The two-sided p value for PFS, based on a stratified log rank test, was 0.21, which did not meet the pre-specified threshold of p≤0.2. The median PFS was 13.0 weeks in the tomivosertib plus pembrolizumab arm and 11.7 weeks in the placebo plus pembrolizumab arm, respectively. Overall survival results remain immature, however no trend favoring tomivosertib was observed

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CADL now up 120%, in case someone is still one, its time to sell.

Reminder on $CADL

CTYK Cytokinetics Presents Additional 48-Week Data From FOREST-HCM, the Open Label Extension Clinical Study of Aficamten, at The American College of Cardiology 73ʳᵈ Annual Scientific Session

“In FOREST-HCM, aficamten appears to be well-tolerated, with no treatment-related serious adverse events (SAEs). There was a modest reduction in left ventricular ejection fraction (LVEF) from baseline to Week 48 (mean change from baseline (SD) = -5.1 mg (5.9), p<0.0001). As has been previously reported, three patients underwent dose down-titration due to LVEF <50%. Two patients were asymptomatic, and one dose down-titration occurred due to recurrent alcohol-induced atrial fibrillation.”

The 48 week data from the FOREST HCM study confirms the safety profile.

<@889849212915843093> Do you happen to know anything about ATOS?
It’s been on an uptrend for the past month.

I only know that their leading program (endoxifen) is focused on breast cancer. Just looked up their pipeline. Seem they are presenting phase2 data at AACR conference this weekend and more data is expected in the 2nd half of the year.

GSK 12 out of 12 patients all saw remission in cancer after treatment <:pepedetective:899174786922606592>

$PTN Palatin Announces Phase 3 PL9643 MELODY-1 Dry Eye Disease (DED) Clinical Data Results Presented at American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery (ASCRS) 2024

  • Positive Phase 3 Study Results Included in Dr. Eric Donnenfeld’s Presentation
  • Co-Primary Symptom Endpoint of Pain Met Statistical Significance (P<0.025) and 7 of 11 Secondary Symptom - Endpoints Met Statistical Significance (P<0.05), 12-Week Treatment Period
  • Rapid Onset of Efficacy at the 2-Week Treatment Period, Multiple Symptom Endpoints, Including the Co-Primary Pain Endpoint, Met Statistical Significance and Continued to Improve Over the 12-Week Treatment Period
  • At the 2-Week Treatment Period, Multiple Sign Endpoints, Including All 4 Fluorescein Staining Endpoints, Met Statistical Significance (P<0.05)
    Excellent Safety and Tolerability Profile
  • Discussions with FDA on Regulatory Approval Path Planned for 2Q 2024

15% in pre-market


Ahh missed it while sleeping… hopefully we get a sustained move considering same trial was the catalyst that dropped the stock a month ago

I was hoping for more clarity why there are contradicting results / interpretation of results.

TCON TRACON Pharmaceuticals Announces Reverse Stock Split one-for-twenty

Yeah lol isn’t this the same trial where endpoints didn’t meet significance? I’ll have to look into it later