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Talk of a revers split to meet price requirements for continued listing on NASDAQ. Showed up on a screener so this looks like the explaniation for the movement

Getting concerned on $PTN, their cash runway is only until 2nd half 2024

$JAGX Jaguar Health, Inc. Announces Reverse Stock Split “nnounced that the Company will effect a reverse stock split of its issued and outstanding voting common stock (“Common Stock”), at an exchange ratio of 1-for-60, on Thursday, May 23, 2024 (the “Effective Date”) in order to support the Company’s compliance with Nasdaq’s listing standards.”

Avenue Therapeutics Announces Last Patient Last Visit in Phase 1b/2a Clinical Trial of AJ201 for the Treatment of Spinal and Bulbar Muscular Atrophy (Kennedy's Disease) :: Avenue Therapeutics, Inc. (ATXI) Topline data are expected to be reported mid-year 2024. <@741367626588094495> <@117812411758542852>


Key findings:

  • Wegovy has demonstrated sustained weight-loss effectiveness, with users maintaining an average of 10-13% weight loss over a period of four years
  • Beyond weight loss, Wegovy significantly reduces the risk of major cardiovascular events, such as heart attacks and strokes, by 20%
  • Despite its high out-of-pocket cost (around $1,400 per month without insurance), Wegovy’s popularity, partly driven by endorsements from high-profile individuals, indicates strong market demand. The FDA approval for reducing cardiovascular risk may lead to increased insurance coverage, potentially expanding its patient base​
  • Although the drug is generally well-tolerated, gastrointestinal side effects such as nausea and diarrhea were common during the initial dosage increase phase, leading to higher discontinuation rates (16.6% for Wegovy vs. 8.2% for placebo). Addressing these side effects could be crucial for improving long-term adherence and maximizing market penetration​
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$PLRX Pliant Therapeutics Presents Data from its Bexotegrast “Our 2024 ATS presentations include comprehensive clinical safety and imaging data, as well as preclinical data from our bexotegrast development program that provide further support the late-stage development of this novel therapeutic in our currently enrolling BEACON-IPF trial,”

M&A strategic fit heatmap from Wells Fargoimage <@296419087863513108> <@117812411758542852>

$GH “Guardant Health Stock Trading Temporarily Halted; FDA Panel to Assess Premarket Approval Application for Shield Blood Test for Colorectal Cancer Screening” <@741367626588094495> i missed this news because all the offering news and talk. The royalty agreements make a buyout much less attractive

<@281588131554131968> putting it on your radar in case there is a scalping opportunity

$JAGX halted as well

Meeting still going on and currently on a short break.

Based on the question been asked and the way GH response, particularly on volume of data available and bad performance on stage 1 cancer , it doesn’t go to well.image

Lot of focus on stage 1 detection, i guess because that’s very patients typical have 0 symptoms and their solution would provide the biggest benefit

Started a small position on MRUS and SNSE. ASCO is from May 31 to June 4th, but abstracts can be released starting today 5pm ETimage

Hims & Hers rolls out weight-loss shots much cheaper than Ozempic, Wegovy | Fox Business for the $HIMS gang