Catalyst Threads

I’ve launched the functionality to create Catalyst threads. In order to create one, you right click a message (as you currently do with the Send to Thread functionality) and you select Create Catalyst:


Thread Title & Comment

The first step is filling out the following modal that pops up:


Thread title is self explanatory, use something short and descriptive. A couple examples are:

  1. SEC Charges Against Binance
  2. SFIX Patent Granted
  3. AMZN Mobile Service - Telecom Stocks Down

Additional content is any commentary that you want to add to the initial post. This is optional.

Type Selection

Now we select the type of catalyst this is in the select box that pops up:


Sentiment Selection

After that we select the sentiment of the catalyst.


Timeframe Selection or Event Creation

Now this is an important part. Here is where we decide to create an event in Discord or just use an arbitrary timeframe. If there is a specific event that is related to this catalyst, creating an event will place it in the “Community’s Calendar” meaning people can join the event to get reminders and Mimir will provide TF reminders related to it. To create an event click “Yes” in the following embed, if you just want to assign a timeframe to the catalyst you can click “No”:


Option One: Event Creation

If you choose to add an event the following pops up:


The title is the title for the event. Use something descriptive of the event you’re creating and not necessarily the catalyst itself. For example I created a test for SFIX having a patent granted, however, the actual event was that they had earnings coming up so the title for my event was simply SFIX Earnings and I put that they had a patent granted in the description although that is not necessary as you’ll see.

The Dates & Times field requires a typed timeframe in specific formatting. The format is:

Dates & Times To set your event for a specific time on a single date you can format it like:

June 10th 2023 at 5pm

Time ranges within the same date can be formatted like:

June 10th from 5pm to 6pm

Or if you want to set a date range you can do:

June 10th 2023 at 5pm - June 12th 2023 at 6pm

Option Two: Timeframe Selection

If there isn’t a specific event needed for the catalyst, you can click “No” on the previous embed and simply select a timeframe you think the play is valid for:

Mimir will use these dates to decide when to close a Catalyst when it’s expired, same with events.

Wrapping Up

While this process is potentially somewhat complicated it creates a thread like so:

We’re able to see the type of catalyst this is, that it’s for today and that we’re unsure of the sentiment directly from the thread listing. This allows us to filter out catalysts using these properties to find a variety of opportunities that we’re tracking:


Now inside the thread itself I have a compiled set of information ready to go:

The thread is started with the content of the message I used to create the catalyst, cutting down on having to duplicate information. Attached to that post is my commentary with a link to the original message in case I need extra context:


And lastly since I chose to connect an event to this, the event is already posted inside the thread for others to see and join:


This functionality is going to allow us to get more organized in tracking plays and is the start of our refocusing on these opportunities and connecting our positions to information that we have catalogued and are building on so nobody is out of the loop on “why” we’re playing things.

Now that this is out, the next functionality that I’ll be releasing is the ability to use messages to create and attached events to existing catalyst threads as well as finishing the process of connecting tickers and positions to them.