How to Scalp Stocks & Options


Example of scalping a pumping stock off support. I don’t like scalping ones that are just pumpers as much as ones that are running on actual good news, but this worked today. This doesn’t always work but you could have used the resistance at 4:15am, now support of 16, to buy the bounce. It touched that 16 then pushed to 20 again. Again 20 was previous support now resistance. That is how I get my buy and sell points. Also I watch how the candles move incase I needed to sell before it tried to push to 20.


Set your stop losses just below a support level you are ok with taking a loss on. For example. If I were to buy here at 6.50 support, I might sell or set my stop loss at 5.58 or be ready to average down if it drops to this for a bounce to get green, because it is just under the previous level of support (6).