HPQ - Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway takes 11% stake in HP

Berkshire Hathaway has just recently amassed an 11% stake in HP Inc. (hpq) making them the largest shareholder. This purchase was around 121 million shares worth roughly $4.2 billion.

Also, HP on 3/28/2022 announced the purchase of audio/video device maker Poly (#poly) for $3.3 billion betting on the future of remote/hybrid work.

I know the technology sector has been up and down lately but it appears that HP is making all the right moves with Buffett jumping aboard with such a large position. Looking to possibly ride the momentum up with calls and then ride it back down with puts. Potentially grab shares for the long hold in the near future.


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Scalping some 40c weeklies on this thanks.

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HP seems to have 3 tickers, one is HPE which looks to be lagging behind Warren’s purchase, but catching a bit. I wonder how the pricing between all the 3 work.

HPE is HP Enterprise, it was spun-off many years ago and is an independent company. Buffett only bought HPQ.

I see just found the article I was looking for:

Someone was talking about buying puts for HPQ as a quick scalp… I just saw this article today: HP downgraded by UBS on valuation following pop from Buffett buy

A lot of analysts are downgrading semiconductors talking about weakening consumer demand, but I just don’t see it.

We’ll see who is on the right side of the thesis today (Buffet vs UBS) and see which way HPQ goes.

Its weird with the down grounds wouldn’t the demand just equal supply at this point considering the shortage we have

That is interesting, thanks. Downgrade was from buy to neutral with $40 price target and the stock closed at $40.06 yesterday. Since it surged almost 15% yesterday and they got that downgrade, a quick scalp does seem likely. I’ll pry get a few but won’t be holding for long.

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