MCMJ- SPAC merger with LEAFY

Ticker: MCMJ
Description of why you are requesting DD: MCMJ merging with leafy which is an online weed marketplace supposed to be taking place In 4Q. Seems like MCMJ would instantly increase in value but not sure if financials are solid.
Applicable links to news articles or Reddit analysis: Should You Buy MCMJ SPAC Stock Before the Leafly Merger Date?


Decided to do some more digging. Here are some other DDs that I found that seem creditable and make sense to me.

Merid(i)a Corp I - A pre-redemption SPAC with a unique deSPAC setup : SPACs (

$MCMJ - Leafly :herb:: Weed Rotation And Likely Last Great SPAC Opportunity : SPACs (

The fundamentals in this situation would not necessary effect this play. This has more to do with the low float of the stock and the increasing open interest and upcoming catalysts. Want someone to take a closer look into this because it seems viable.

Here is the options chain for MCJM on 10/25/2021

Here is the options chain for MCMJ on 10/29/2021

Public float -


I wonder what this will do for it?

  • SPAC Merida Merger (NASDAQ:[MCMJ] rose 4.4 % after holders voted to extend date of proposed combination with Leafly to Dec. 31.
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Thanks for the info! Not that I’m doubting, but where did you see this at?

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I have no idea how I deleted that other post. I apparently don’t know how to forum anymore.

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Yep…that’s it. I had some calls and sold them for a small profit. I want to get back in, but I’m not sure of the expiry. I like the stock and I hope it pops. Thanks


Apologies if this is a dumb question… but why would the stock price rise at this news? Isn’t an extension meaning that the deal is taking longer than expected? Thanks. Disclaimer: I hold a small position of ITM calls

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If weed stocks go up (see CGC forum post) and this is expected to merge in Q4, do we anticipate pop here as well?