NoSauceNoGain's Market Breakdown -- 10/13/2021 // Updated Watch-List // 10/14/2021

Annnd that is close… Good Afternoon. This is the Market Update for Wednesday, October 13, 2021, with analysis of the financial markets and
comments on JPMorgan Chase & Co. and MGM Resorts International.

~ Wild ass day and probably even more volatility to come as we have Initial jobless claims and producer pricing index tomorrow at 8:30 AM EST followed by Retail Sales on Friday at 8:30 AM EST (SHOUT OUT to the watchlist! SHEESH! Those picks I give out every week are pretty solid... please take time to go over them all each week before market opens! .**

I’m hearing every headline and analyst talk about inflation being around until summer 2022! - let’s see how the market takes all the inflation headlines taking over… it’s not new… it’s just what’s hot and in focus right now… oil to 100??? let’s see.

~*Personal Thoughts*:

FOMC reported midday today with really no reaction… if anything, we took it well… futures are moving lightly up now, and the fact the market didn’t spook and sell off EOD is pretty Bullish…

I’m getting very close to liking what I’m,seeing in the overall market action, and once we get the confirmation, there are so many unique setups to take advantage of! Be ready!!!

Unemployment numbers in the AM as well as some earnings!! Earnings season is here!! Please do not go crazy on earnings plays… especially with options… that IV is a gamble… be careful!!

After a three-day decline, the S&P 500 recovered. Yields on ten-year bonds remained below 1.6%. The two-year rate, which is more responsive to policy changes, increased. After warning that increasing fuel prices would imperil profitability this quarter, Delta Airlines led losses among US airlines.

The tech-heavy NASDAQ 100 beat major equity benchmarks, while the NYSE FANG+ index of behemoths like Amazon and Alphabet rose around 1%. Technology stocks rose amid lower treasury yields on news that inflation is on the rise, boosting firms that are better positioned to pass on rising costs to customers without damaging their operations.

Traders also assessed minutes of the federal reserve’s latest policy meeting, with officials broadly agreeing they should start reducing stimulus ( AKA taper) in mid-November or mid-December amid increasing concern over inflation.

Consumer prices ( CPI released this morning ) in the United States increased more than expected in September, highlighting inflationary pressures. The Biden administration is attempting to alleviate supply-chain bottlenecks in time for the holiday shopping season, but officials recognize that their choices are limited.

Producers’ expenses have risen as a result of exceptional transportation issues, material shortages, high commodity prices, and growing salaries. Several businesses have passed on a part of those expenses to their consumers, resulting in higher, longer-term inflation.

We still got OPEX this week - I am a bull though looking for opportunities. Waiting on DIX/GEX and OPEX.

~Minutes from the Fed Recap:

Federal Reserve officials discussed a plan to start to slow down emergency support for the economy in either mid-November or mid-December at their Sept. 21-22 policy meeting. According to the minutes, the Fed staff raised their near term forecast for inflation but stuck to the view that this year’s rise would prove to be “transitory.” While there were upside risks, the staff forecast the Fed’s favorite measure of inflation, the personal consumption expenditure price index, would fall below 2% in 2022 due to a sharp drop in import prices and a partial reversal of supply chain issues.


The consumer price index (CPI), core CPI, and Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) minutes are all on tap for today’s trading session.

BlackRock Inc. (NYSE:BLK – $836.19) is a publicly owned investment manager. BlackRock will report its Q3 earnings of 2021 before the bell today.

Delta Air Lines Inc. (NYSE:DAL – $43.54) provides scheduled air transportation for passengers and cargo in the United States and internationally. Delta Air Lines will report its Q3 earnings of 2021 before the bell today.

First Republic Bank (NYSE:FRC – $200.73) provides private banking, private business banking, and private wealth management services to clients in metropolitan areas in the United States. First Republic Bank will report its Q3 earnings of 2021 before the bell today.

JPMorgan Chase & Co. (NYSE:FRC – $165.36) operates as a financial services company worldwide. JPMorgan Chase will report its Q3 earnings of 2021 before the bell today.

SAP SE (NYSE:SAP – $134.63) operates as an enterprise application software company worldwide. SAP SE will report its Q3 earnings of 2021 before the bell today.

Looking ahead to tomorrow, the usual initial and continuing jobless claims are due out on Thursday, as well as the producer price index (PPI) and core PPI.

  • Growth Stock: JPMorgan Chase & Co.: Strong quarter;**
    raising target price (Stephen Biggar)
  • Growth Stock: MGM Resorts International: Raising**
    target price to $56 (John Staszak)

Overall Stocks were mixed Wednesday following more signs of sustained high inflation and solid earnings from JPMorgan and BlackRock. The Labor Department said that its consumer price index rose 0.4% in September, up from 0.3% growth in August and above the Reuters consensus forecast of 0.3%. Core consumer prices, excluding food and energy, rose 0.2%, in line with consensus expectations. Core prices also rose 4.0% from the prior year. The Dow fell 0.5%, the S&P fell 0.2%, and the Nasdaq rose 0.2%. Crude oil traded near $80.50 per barrel, while gold rose 2% to $1794 per ounce.


Global Equity markets overnight were mixed. Economic information of importance released overnight included import and export data from China, which was surprisingly strong for Chinese exports in September. ~Earnings Announcements from JP. Morgan, BlackRock, and Delta Air Lines before the Wall Street opening. However, J.P. Morgan’s earnings came out very strong and provided good information on the US consumer from their credit card businesses.

S&P 500: While the S&P has remained within yesterday’s range this morning, a pre-existing pattern of lower highs and lower lows remains in place. While the markets have drafted some positive news from airline earnings news, the market was overall classic fake fade entering Chop Zones for the Bulls and Bears… ~Something has to give… The Patterns don’t lie… The Data follows the Trend… The Price is Undecided…

Regarding the CPI ahead of the NYSE, opening will let traders know the Tone of the Day. Estimated readings report that .3% is potentially igniting a moderately strong rally for the Bulls. In Fact, Delta Airlines will show decent results in lingering travel crunch, giving traders more additional market confidence. Traders saw critical support today at 4328.95 Level with a short-term bearish trend showing channel resistance possibly below the 4391.50 Level.

Other US Indexes: The Dow Futures were most vulnerable to morning news regarding US CPI results. Companies with significant overhead are likely to suffer from the recent surge of inflation. `The Dow, however, could see support from news regarding Vaccines, mainly the booster dose set out by Johnson and Johnson. Trials showed 2nd dose results to be more robust. Providing stronger antibody after response from clients first shot. However, more market negative sentiment towards GM settling on a $2 billion payment to South Korea’s LG Electronics for Electric Vehicles recalls. Today showed a critical support level for the bulls, following at the 34,193 level providing a small range upward towards testing the 34,330 level. The NASDAQ also indicates the same Text-Book Patterns of lower highs and lower lows but did not take out yesterday’s lows. Nonetheless, traders can see that the market is being undermined. ~I’m expecting the NASDAQ to have support at the 14,591 level and range up testing the 14,785 level.

Watch-List 10/14/2021


$NVDA Calls > 210.63 | Puts < 207.13


  • Bull flag on the daily!
    $NFLX currently trading in this channel. A break to the upside and we play calls… I am bullish on this.
    $NFLX Calls > 632.18 | Puts < 622




> ~!*Experiment*! : *ANY *DNA Watching for Parabolic Movement tracked 
using Elliot Wave Oscillator + TTM Squeeze, Heikin Ashi Candles 
with Elliot Wave Theory using many time-frames, and Trend-lines. 
>**// If the results are slightly better than whats expected, 
>**// I will most likely make this a separate Watch-List... 
>**// Welcome to the Fomo-List! //**

`Sphere 3D (ANY) Leg Up or Leg Down? To Moon To Tell!

$ANY — Gamma Squeeze (Possible Short Squeeze??) It's already squeezing going off the charts data; it's on wave three and could leg up-dip, then the last rip, for a dramatic drop... because you just went Parabolic... The oscillators are showing possible breakouts, which helps track momentum and volatility between Bullish and Bearish Divergence. Sphere 3D will need to break over the $8.36 level from the charts and data; this seems to be a key indicator for a range up to the $8.45 level. If Sphere 3D (ANY) Holds and can least hover around 8.45, we could see a confirmation going with trend-lines upward range to the $8.56 level. This will need even more steam to continue; we can see a mini breakout towards the $8.69 level if everything aligns. Most likely, if we broke through all of that and you still haven't sold... Then don't tell me I didn't warn you... From what I see, we will need a full breakout to the $8.88 level. This will now become PARABOLIC... Who knows how high it can go... $9.01 is the level to go full parabolic — This is Sphere 3D lest leg.. If we break down from the $7.67 level and $7.43 support level... Then the Play is done... WOMP WOMP! This can happen very fast and very soon! For all I know, it might blow past all of these levels, and we see ATH PM, and it continues the trend. But I'm expecting one last leg up, then a pretty significant sell-off.

Sphere 3D Daily Chart Analysis

Sphere 3D, looks to be attempting to break resistance in what technical traders call an ascending triangle pattern.

The $7.50 mark is where the stock has found resistance in the past. The stock looks to be nearing resistance in the pattern. Support has been found near the higher low trend-line in the past.

The stock trades above both the 50-day moving average (green) and the 200-day moving average (blue), indicating the stock is seeing some bullish sentiment.


What’s Next?

Bulls are looking to see them climb and break above pattern resistance. Bulls would then like to see the stocks consolidate above the resistance for a possible further move higher.

Bears would like to see the stocks start fading lower and be unable to hold above the higher low trend-line. If this trend-line begins to act as resistance, the stocks could see a strong bearish push.

Calls are so dirt cheap at the 10+ strikes, with so much OI, the dynamic delta hedging MM’s + SI over half the free float (according to the news posted today) = several hundred percent potentials run if it starts testing new ATH around $11-12 tomorrow.

>~Sphere 3D announced a final merger agreement (also today) which will make them the biggest carbon neutral crypto miner, after merging with Gryphon, and BTC looks like it may test 60k tomorrow, there’s gas being poured on this thing from several angles.

Unlikely as it may be, If this thing gets anywhere near a new ATH (12) tomorrow, there will be a squeeze the likes of which have not been seen before!

ANY Option Chain

October 15, 2021


ANY calls 1



~Other Data

Sphere 3D, the Nasdaq-listed data-management company that’s being bought by Gryphon Digital Mining, reached an agreement for Core Scientific to host and manage about 230 megawatts of bitcoin mining capacity.

  • The agreement covers 71,000 bitcoin mining machines, including 60,000 the companies agreed to buy in an August deal with Hertford Advisors.

  • The hosting arrangement is the largest in Core Scientific’s history, according to a statement on Wednesday.

  • The mining machines will be installed over a period of 14 months and use 100% net carbon neutral power.

  • The merge between Sphere (NASDAQ: ANY) and Gryphon is expected to be completed in the fourth quarter.

any chart



Check Back Later for MORE!! :crazy_face:


Thanks for update, seems really useful if you’ve had to miss a day and catch up!

Thank you! There’s more, I release the data early and will update as more events unfold… I like to be early… I try to do Market Prep for the Kiddos, but sometimes I can’t write as fast as the markets move… So, that’s why I’m early on the reports. I definitely have more… Testing new Indicators and Strategies. Working on an exclusive Watch-List focused around Risk it for The Biscuit type position plays.

your posts are legendary thanks again. my twitter calls have been steady green.

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If you want keep swinging TWTR… Just make sure you lock in profits along the way, if it breaks 60-61$ it will lose most momentum… 63-65$ and spread is pretty good green, if you know what I mean…