PIPP possible space x? => consensus: probably not

Ticker: PIPP
Description of why you are requesting DD: I keep hearing PIPP as the Biden SPAC, and I thought I saw a topic for it before but cant find it. There is a rumor this will be Space X, which I guess will hype this into infinity if true.
Applicable links to news articles or Reddit analysis: found this speculative DD

This Reddit post explains the Biden ties: https://www.reddit.com/r/SPACs/comments/quomnw/the_biden_spac_pipp_is_back_on_the_radar/

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Hard to believe spacex will go public and if they do I find it hard to believe they would go SPAC vs IPO.

A man can dream :laughing: Either way, seems like its destined for some success. I bought some super long calls for cheap and will ride it out.

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Hopefully someone has the time to do a proper dd :slight_smile:


I believe Musk has said that he does not want SpaceX public because he does not want it to be slowed or changed by investor interests. Why would this specific SPAC be SpaceX, is it just a rumor?

I think its just rumor right now and people putting stuff together for confirmation bias. It could be starlink though.

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I’ve heard Starlink being considered as a SPAC target (specifically for IPOF actually), hadn’t heard SpaceX going public rumours. Will look more into this.

I found this quickly looking for starlink and ipof:

The CFO of Space X made a presentation in one of my friends friends classes and said they don’t plan on taking Space X public anytime soon. All these are false rumours. Though I thinking PIPP. when it announces a company it will be pumped and dumped because it keeps getting increased reddit,stocktwits volume,

yeah everything I’m seeing is saying Space X won’t go public. There seems to be more evidence supporting IPOF’s claim to Starlink and I don’t know if Elon would willingly work with people tied to Biden. This one does fell like it has a good pump building though.

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I dove into this whole thing for PSTH = Starlink theory

SpaceX probably won’t go public, as Elon wants to retain max control over his baby.

However, Elon has tweeted on more than one occasion that he would spin out Starlink from SpaceX once Starlink’s revenue becomes predictable. I see Starlink going DPO or SPAC. Feel like at this point Elon wouldn’t do the ‘traditional’ Wall Street friendly IPO.

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