SPIR on watch list for now

HI all not got much time to write this all hands on deck but this has some juice in the tank here. its been hammered by shorts has plenty of OI and is over sold IMO. but lets get some eyes on this and check we arn’t jumping in a sinking ship !
Not much info anyone got Ortex?

Thanks Rexxar not much on short side


Float looks too big shorts too small false alarm.

Volume going up

Looks like a news related move


Love this stock, has great long term potential, but think it’s potential to build to a quick squeeze as well, shorts have beat this to a pulp over the last few weeks but could be nearing a reversal, last two days have seen the start of an upswing. I liked the stock long when it was $18, profited nicely on calls then, have loved taking advantage of the short attacks, holding shares and calls now.

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Unfortunately I havnt seen a lot of data to support my original theory of a large short position and floats quite large if it does shoot up gamma is our best hope but I’d need to see the chain we’d also need a need catalyst but I’ll keep an eye out


Thanks for looking into it and the update, I’m definitely still learning all the metrics that go into DD and you and everyone else in the community have been amazing. I’ll be hoping for good things to happen with SPIR, and definitely excited to see what you find next!


You don’t necessarily need a short position for a gamma. It can help begin the ramp but a large short position isn’t required persay for reference


Good to see SPIR on your watchlist. I’d watch out for more news about their industry (Research and Consulting Services), and check out their top competitors’ performance.

For now, there really isn’t much to short squeeze here, as you can see:

A small SI is actually very bullish, meaning tutes don’t want to gamble shorting the stock.
Any SI over 10% is a candidate for short squeezes, and those that have over 40% SI have the most potential to fold.
CTB is still over a day, so a small pop in price is not unexpected.

Rather, I think this can be a potential News play soon enough. Rumors of possible new contracts/partnerships/investor relations? Things like that.


Thank you Rexxxar that’s really informative

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Changed title for now as I know how people can react to short squeeze and it ain’t here on this one. Will be watching it


They continue to release positive news, multiple NASA deals now amongst others. It had bit of an uptick midweek to the $6.50’s then was hammered back down. Not sure if there are fowl HF’s afoot or if the company is just having bad luck. Still I see the long term potential here, they’ve received PT’s up to $18, only one so far down in this range at $6.50 but not by a source I’d call reputable.