The Corruption Portfolio

So what happens if you get assigned on a naked put? Do you get margin called to put up 18k?

Yes. I’d have to liquidate some stock. Hasn’t happened to me yet (we’ll see)

It is natural to harbor doubts about the challenge, especially when you can lose up to $25,000 selling naked puts. But as long as we take profits, keep our faith in Nancy Pelosi, we will SEIZE THE PROMISED LAND​:palestinian_territories: :palestinian_territories: :palestinian_territories:

Tuberville had a number of updates in his most recent filing:

  • Closed his CVX share position but opened June 160 calls
  • Added to QCOM
  • Started shares in a few industrials
  • Took profit on LLY, SBLK, HUMA and others
  • Bought shares and sold (to open, I believe since he hasn’t held any prior positions) Sep 70 (and Jan 75s) puts on LSCC semiconductors, which had a rough quarter but expected to bounce back in their guidance. Lattice bounced off their 8DMA at 71, and had a 8/21dma crossover, so that could be a decent entry. You could also try a long dated call. It fell from 98 last year and is probably worth more:imageTuberville_May_2024.pdf (1263.671 KB)

LSCC at 76.50 today. Bounce off that 21dma on the daily chart (orange line) illustrates what I’m trying to do with this intel. Of course, I’m not terribly patient and that cost me upside:image

McCaul had some interesting buys. Noteworthy that he picked up some industrials (like Tuberville), suggesting strength in the sector. A few plays of note:

  • GEV, General Electric Verona at 132 (now at 164) during the April dip. They make electrical equipment for power stations, etc. and have a huge backlog. I picked up some shares long and will add on a dip.
  • FI, Fiserv, a software company that is one of two major players on the loan servicing space. They’ve got a new product coming up that’s expected to outdo their competition: Black Knight.
  • AA Aloca Aluminiumat 35 (its at 42 now)
  • WFC Wells Fargo at 57
  • NVO at 126/128
  • META in the 510s averaging through this dip

I took 10% profit on CWEN shares and have a few plays i n

Obviously these are not part of the challenge and I will scalp and re-enter where appropriate. My main port is 250 sh of VTI. I am long the equivalent FXAIX in my retirement accounts so keep that in mind.image