Understanding option chain on $SITE

Can someone help me understand why it’s so small and hasn’t increased as it hits ATHs?

Extensions are not automatic and is usually done following requests by market makers.


Ok that makes sense, and because this option chain has essentially 0 OI and Vol, there’s not need to extend.

But this leads me to my next question. If there is 0 Vol how are the bid and asks representative and would I theoretically be able to buy from the MMs closer to the bid?

Trying to understand why a $9.53B mkt cap has no volume on the option chain, is this fairly common?

You can always buy at the ask but not anything else between bid and ask.

It is kind of weird that there aren’t more volume but I don’t know this ticker well enough to know the cause.

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Thank you! I agree it’s weird, average vol is only $200k on $9B cap so maybe that’s why