Zumiez, Possible Nordstrom type of drop incoming. Let me know your thoughts. $ZUMZ

I will expand on the DD later today. Google trend up is basically just black Friday shopping every single retailer has the same surge. Overall since August their website traffic has been down, they have been searched up less.
Google trends

All Insiders have sold stock this year yet ZERO have bought any stock, Last week one of the directors sold 2.2 Million dollars of their stock(4% decrease in his holding) but in the last few months, a lot of the directors have lowered their holdings in the company by about 20% on average.
With the supply shortage + Covid lockdown news I think Guidance will be lowered as Zumiez does not make any clothes themselves so they are at mercy of suppliers.


Nice if have time I’ll try to see where they rely on supply chain. GPS got absolutely wrecked for the same reasons you’re postulating and they rely on Vietnam for supply chain activity so maybe investigating the source will help


please investigate and report back!

In the Q1 and Q2 2021 Earnings Call the question regarding supply chain was always the first question asked by the analysts. The company didnt provide any outlook in Q1 and Q2 due to the continued fast-moving nature of this situation and the uncertainty of impacts on revenue and costs.


Sure, Jeff. I’m happy to take the question. I think, you know, from a supply chain perspective, we talked a lot as we moved across 2020 of the challenges related to supply chain and getting product and getting the product we wanted, especially in some of the longer-term categories within our assortment, like footwear and hardgoods that just take a little bit longer than the printables business. You know, that challenge is still there today, I would say, at a much more minimized level.

It was pretty strong through Q3 and Q4. And even in the beginning of the first quarter, although we do feel like our buying teams and our vendors have done a great job really trying to catch up. We still are seeing some delays at port and some other challenges within the ecosystem. But I think there are things we’re kind of learning to work around and planning through.

So I think we feel pretty good about where we are from an overall supply chain perspective. On the inventory side, as you saw, our inventory levels were pretty strong, and we feel really good about, you know, how current they are and where they stand across all of our entities. You know, as we think about back-to-school, this is one of the challenges of a year like this. Obviously, in Q1, we had to chase a lot.


Yeah, I think from a supply chain perspective, we’ve tried to be as creative as possible to navigate lots of the different issues. There are situations where we have pulled products forward, where we’ve tried to get it sooner to navigate this. And it really becomes a vendor-by-vendor discussion, depending on the kind of, you know, the demand we have for the product and what our expectations of selling patterns are going forward. So, I don’t have a specific call out for you other than I think the teams have really tried to navigate this in lots of different ways from moving ports to potentially air freighting things, all depending on the need for the product.

You know, I think from a supply chain challenge perspective, I guess I’d just start with this is really not something new. We’ve been dealing with this, really, throughout the pandemic into early parts of 2020. You know, it’s required us to work extremely close with our brands and our logistics vendors to navigate the different challenges that are out there, including, you know, how we think about raw material and commodity pricing, factory capacity, transportation capacity, transportation costs, labor shortages, country-by-country challenges, you know, how this affects our timelines in receiving, and then obviously, the general inflation challenges that are kind of tied to this. So, you know, I think from an overall perspective, we feel like our teams have navigated this really well.

Clearly, it has resulted in some delays in product. But I think because we’ve been dealing with this for the amount of time we have, we’ve been planning to it. And as we just talked about, we’re really happy with the inventory levels. I mean, a year ago, our inventory was much lower than we wanted it to be as Q2 of 2020 was very strong demand, and we’re really happy we’ve built those inventories back up.

We think they’re in a good spot. So, yeah, it has impacted what we’ve wanted to receive, but our teams have done a good job working around that with our vendors. And I think that’s how we kind of plan to address this moving forward. I think we continue to work with our brands on how we get through these challenges and really try to provide the best customer experience at the end of the day.

I think as we look at the supply chain moving forward, we continue to expect there’s going to be issues through the back half of this year. I think kind of moving out of back to school, you know, we expect there to continue to be some challenges on the inbound side like I’ve laid out here. And I think we’ll also start to see some of the challenges we saw in Q4 last year on the business-to-consumer side in getting product to our customers. But all that said, I think we’ve got really good strategies to mitigate that.

Rick talked about our ability to deliver, and we’re working already with our shipping carriers on how to navigate that. And I think, you know, we’ve got a pretty good plan in place. So, you know, we’re not forecasting a material impact on the business at this point in the result – in the estimates that we’ve kind of laid out for the year for you guys. But, you know, I think we’ll – we’re able to manage through it today, and we’ll keep – kind of keep tackling as we go.

The last thing I’d just add to this as we think about supply chain, you know, it wasn’t too long ago, we were talking about where all our product was coming from. And I think we’ve done a really good job. I’m really proud of the teams on how we’ve diversified. We have a much more diversified country of origin layout out today within our business than we had two or three years ago.

So, I think that’s a really good thing, and that helps with how we think about kind of your question of branded versus private label, right? We have, obviously, more say in how we run our private label goods. We’ve tried to really diversify in that category and work with our brands. And our brands are very smart, and they’ve built their own logistics, too, to try to diversify their offerings. So, you know, it’s a challenge.


for those playing - zumz does not provide forward guidance lately, so they are less likely to address a lowered guidance due to supply chain (which has been waht drops other retailers).

If they don’t answer questions about that, I would think that would be pretty bearish image

I guess we’ll see what happens, good luck to anyone that held!

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Pokes Zumiez stock with a stick…

Earnings was very anticlimactic…

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Anti climatic . My puts were up up at one point today but i sold at crazy loss in the morning. Didn’t expect my puts to be worth so much.