12/21 Valhalla VC Night Agenda

I expect the same result as the first time but we’ll try this again with a little more time. If there are topics you want to make sure are discussed during VC Night on 12/21, post about them here. The event can be found in Discord.


i can cook this time :slight_smile:

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As long as you remember :kekw:

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I’m curious if there’s any difference in the callout/positions commands for longer swing trades. I’ve been into shares more for swing anywhere from. A couple months to a year out. How would it incorporate averaging down (or up)? Very interested in using these for my current trades.


Will definitely discuss this topic in the meeting and will comment on it afterwards likely.

Going to add Paper Trading to the list of topics as well as a discussion about places we better use polling in the community. I like that we’re doing with profitability but think we might be able to expand that to include polling sentiment on data releases.


maybe since ill be in florida we can just meet up and chat together


Couple agenda points:

  1. A beginning discussion about the challenge account and its strategy.
  2. High sentiment events and how we can better handle analysis.
  3. Preventing “blowout creep”, the phenomenon where the server at large is secretly holding a particularly biased position on an event without really discussing it. ← Breakdown of understanding that analysis in front of events is simply a guess and that events should be played afterward?

Couple more:

  1. DM toxicity (unfortunately)
  2. Performance roles and implementation
  3. Momentum scanner discussion and brainstorming

Paper Trading

  1. Add in ability to specify paper account in user settings.

Blowout Creep

  1. Meeting vs Minutes clarification
  2. Clarify the difference between analysis and tradeable information of high sentiment events
  3. Vibe check button to test whether it’s a play or not
  4. Increase / force usage of positions system

High Sentiment Events

  1. Attach polling to data drops server wide

Got more notes that I’ll add in a bit. :pepepray:


I know you had discussed making the forum and Tf universally functioning in conjunction with each other.

Is there a chance positions system will be able to be controlled from forum ? Think we have discussed this before. I’ve been trying to make it a point and effort to post entry’s and learning callout system but it’s a struggle for me during work hours to post exits as discord inaccessible from my work computer. It’s a struggle for me personally to post an exit on my phone if I’m on a work call or actively working. I do think that posting the entry is slightly more important than exit as most make their own choice on those. But still would like to fully participate.

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Yeah the positions system will be fully integrated into the forum. It’ll honestly be a lot easier to use as well considering the forum will have actual forms instead of just the command / options.


Wasnt rushing you or anything on it as the work hiu have put into it is incredible and beyond cutting edge. Just feel bad not being able to fully function and help. Also enjoy being able to see for my personal efforts and growth. Thanks for all you do for everyone.

It’s actually something I was hoping to have done by now but I’ve taken somewhat of a breather from dev the last week due to burnout (hence why random shit like role icons started getting updated :kekw:)

The remainder of the notes are:


We had a pretty broad discussion about this that kinda circled around how the challenge should be weary of low floats and should follow plays that are generated by the community and be less about following my trades specifically.

DM Toxicity

Covered that former members may be reaching out via DMs asking questions about what we’re doing, just mentioned that this is being done when these people get plays right and not to think it’s any indication of their overall progress. Be weary of the lack of accountability.

Also clarified that nobody is barred from talking to former members, the concerns really just circle around the continuation of the some of the toxic behavior / ducking of accountability that was an issue.

Performance Roles

Going to go ahead and implement these unchanged

Momentum Scanner / Development

Talked about the coming momentum scanner and about how the community is in a place where we need more involvement in the types of things that Mimir should be doing or the types of things that we’re developing. Mimir is heavy on data and is useful as is, but it’s not very useful in terms of “tradeable info” or signals.

Talked about how I’d like to see more involvement from the community helping to figure out things we should do, data we should present, ideas, etc. We’re at a place where we can put those in place and we need to start thinking about how we can better generate that type of help.