26.95 to 800 challenge (AlextheGoose’s journey to break even)

Decided to get into trading again after stopping from the RSX guh, the only times I’ve ever made money trading was pretty much SPY plays, so I’m going to exclusively do that(maybe tsla if I’m feeling cute.) With only 26 shekels im gonna have to go full retard for a lil bit which will hopefully work out. Im documenting this so I can look back on the mistakes I am going to make to hopefully learn something. :pepepray:


this week was looking like the end until today where I got saved by an extremely lucky gamble, my attempts to scalp spy were 100% wrong where every time I tried to scalp the trend I timed the reversal and held on to them for way to long. This week I has taught me that I really need to work on cutting losses early, as that was really screwing me over. Anyways here’s my trades for the week:

Fucking forgot monday didnt count as a trade day so now my account is PDT flagged. Guess ima have to do swing trades only since I already used my get out of jail free card. Or ill switch to my webull account, don’t know yet

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