3M Earnings (MMM)

Starting with ER coming up 4/26.

Sorry as I am just missing charting, but I am interested in looking at grabbing Puts today to ride bearish sentiment in market. However it has been on the rise since April 18, up over $5 since then. I have not done well with ER plays and will watch but I am leaning bearish as you can see below. Welcum any additional feedback, much love…

Earnings whisper

Prior ER release for guidance

Short interest

Februarys forward annual guidance by 3M

Over the past two months, PT has been adjusted or lowered:


3M news about N95 mask sales from February

In March 3M suspended services in Russia

In April, 3M released they were closing coolant plant for semiconductors in Belgium

Recent litigation caught headlines for their earplug deployment to the military etc

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Kimberly Clark beat earnings and revenue…

Adding this as a window into possible ER for 3M and guidance as they do share some similarities


3M's Earnings Were Good Enough. The Stock Is Rising | Barron's It’s like the compliment sandwich with this article.

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“Stock is rising”? Which chart is Barron’s looking at?

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Thanks guys it was in my opinion a good thesis to play but didn’t drop as much as I expected.

Still feel with market sentiment it may drop but not playing for now.

Mods if we can archive for next ER