A - Agilent Earnings

Gonna do a quick and dirty DD given what I’ve known about this company by using their products in college and making some purchasing requests as a teaching assistant for some electrical engineering classes. Actually, the relevance of my experience with these machines starts and ends with: I think they’re the most popular electrical engineering lab tech components company. That’s all as far as that goes lol.

Other things that are bullish af:

  • New board member: Dr Otis Brawley (kind of a big name in cancer research; may be interpreted as added credibility/reputation/implicit endorsement of Agilent). Announced 3 days ago.
  • Oscilloscope market is expected to generate massive revenue in the near future. See more here.
  • Agilent increased cash dividend to 21 cents per share. Announced 4 days ago.
  • USC renewed their collaboration with Agilent for another 4 years to conduct cutting edge biomolecular characterization research. Announced 3 weeks ago.
  • Global sequencing and reagents market is expected to have a compounded annual growth rate of 12.83% in the 2021-2028 period. Agilent is a leader in this segment. Report came out 3 days ago.

This is a lot of bullish news very close to Agilent’s ER. On top of that, the earnings whisper is $1.20 EPS whereas the consensus is $1.17. According to our bud Mirmir, the score for this whisper is 4, which is highly bullish iirc, but someone correct me.

This was a super quick and dirty DD, so please take everything with a grain of salt and please correct me on any stupid assumptions I may’ve made.


Only playing one call: $165c 12/17

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Nice DD, I work with Agilent in the analytical chem space and we have a bunch of their systems. If you look at PKI (similar to Agilent, do a little more client interaction than Agilent in my experience) they did well this earnings. Looks like Brawley is a great add, has research experience through academia and seems to specialize in breast and prostate cancer. Also, with mRNA vaccines hot right now their sequencing reagents could potentially provide surprise. I won’t be playing because I jave other plays but I wouldn’t be surprised if they did well

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EPS reported: $1.21 (beat 3.42%)
Revenue reported: $1.66B (beat 14.48%)

Not sure why the fucken stonk is down tho.

Sources: https://s24.q4cdn.com/305549747/files/doc_financials/2021/q4/Q4’21_Results-Presentation.pdf, https://s24.q4cdn.com/305549747/files/doc_financials/2021/q4/Q4’21-Financial-Information-(Final)-v1.pdf

What was whisper EPS/revenue? Also how’s guidance? Could have been something in the call as well.

Sometimes everything lines up in your favor and stock still moves the other way, welcome to earnings.

In 2014, Keysight was spun off from Agilent Technologies, taking with it the product lines focused on electronics and radio, leaving Agilent with the chemical and bio-analytical products.

Keysight has the oscilloscope department now, not Agilent.

Est EPS: $1.17; Actual: $1.21
Est Rev: $1.45B; Actual: $1.66B

I read the ER and guidance seems alright? Expected Y/Y EPS and Rev growth for '22 is 5.5% and 7% respectively compared to 5.9% and 7.2% this year. This is my first earnings DD so I dunno if that guidance is considered good enough, but if I were an investor idt I’d make much of that small of a Y/Y growth rate reduction?