A brighter future with Unibright and a path to mass adoption for medium and small enterprise (ticker UBT):

A brighter future with Unibright (ticker UBT):

  1. Unibright is a team in Germany developing blockchain solutions for enterprise including baselining, consulting, low-code-integration tools and programmable DeFi.

  2. https://baseledger.net/

  3. Baselining is basically where they hide the data that’s being settled on the blockchain. As all data is open on Ethereum this creates corporate vulnerabilities for commercially sensitive data on the settlement layer (Ethereum in this case) base ledger adds a plug in to allow the trustless and automated execution of contracts provided by Ethereum without the downside of giving away key info to competitors.

  4. This is the first of its kind to do so and is being used by JP Morgans Onyx blockchain among others:

  5. Its also earning the right certifications such as SAP which it earned in partnership with concircle https://www.concircle.com/ a digital supply chain specialist SAP Certified Solutions Directory this is basically an industry standard and stamp of approval.

  6. They have also presented at the European investment fund explaining use cases for the protocol Unibright to deliver Feasibility Study on the “Usage of the Baseline Pattern” at European Investment Fund | by Unibright.io | UnibrightIO | Medium

  7. For those of you bullish on Hedera hasgraph (a very corporate focused project with a lot of high profile parties in volved with it) it has a partnership with it to allow cheaper mass tokenisation of assets https://hedera.com/blog/unibright-integrates-hedera-token-service-to-scale-asset-tokenization

  8. Here it is being used experimentally with a company hoping to generate tidal energy called project Stromboje (power bouy) Renewable Energy “on chain”, new workshop and framework customer for Unibright | by Unibright.io | UnibrightIO | Medium (energy web connection maybe?)

  9. Its also a member of INATBA international association of trusted blockchain applications alongside IBM Our members - INATBA

  10. It also being used to create a cancer patient registry for Germany to allow one place where all the info can be recorded without disclosing patient data or sensitive company data between institutions only the essential information is shared. Blockchain and Public Health Systems — Unibright Goes Cross-Chain | by Unibright.io | UnibrightIO | Medium

  11. Microsoft Germany was present at their 2 day hackathon at launch.

  12. Real world use case. From time to time we will present real… | by Unibright.io | Medium a good article as it shows they have a real product to offer.

  13. Basically it’s a middleware that allows companies to use blockchain trustlessly still while both parties can send all the data to the blockchain without disclosing sensitive data which is essential.

  14. Unibright forms EEA Taskforce EMINENT together with Chainlink and Anyblock Analytics | by Unibright.io | UnibrightIO | Medium
    So whats the overall goal here? Well because now the EEA (link above) and the new taskforce EMINENT unibrights job is to set the standards of all EEAs enterprises aka more or less every company there is. So chainlink brings off chain data on chain to Ethereum (or whatever layer but lets be honest the rest are either bridged to eth or ghost chains) via the oracle network. Now that fine for the big boys but the mid and small companies won’t be able to hire teams of people to run nodes or programme solidity smart contracts as we go down the food chain we need more out the box generic and easier solutions. This is Unibrights job they offer out the box solutions that plug straight into existing ERP and SAP systems (SAP certification hehe) look at the industries this exposes them to Industries | Industry Cloud Solutions | SAP (over 450k partners). Eth - Smartcontracts LINK - Data (Oracle network, connectivity through APIs) UBT - Integration (bridging enterprises to blockchain through ERPs and SAPs)
    So How does it do this hide some data yet show other bits that are needed all while being secure and blockchain agnostic amazing isn’t it well it’s a programme called TOWN CRIER which is CHAINLINK HAHA I got you again didn’t I see its always CHAINLINK and you know what that means END OF DD!