Account Update 1 - $1,402.80 +27%

  1. Took ASTR on the “scrub drop” today looking for a rebound when a new date is set.
  2. Holding and added to my ESSC 10c position, sold off my 12.5cs to bolster my SENS and ASTR positions intraday.
  3. Took profit on SENS this morning and re-entered slowly throughout the day to optimize my fills and cost basis. This has been the consistent winner for this account through the past few weeks and paid off big today.

Ended the day +27% on account. Looking forward to tomorrow.


One thing I’d like to touch on is today demonstrates what I was talking about in the practice run, how much “hovering” can be a win for your account. Learning to recover and protect against massive losses and keeping a “similar” balance allows you to “wait” for lack of better phrasing for when the right moment comes along and pushes your account higher.

A big part of this is definitely position sizing. Right now, SENS is roughly 71% of my account. This is because the play has consistently paid, I have good safe strikes with really solid entries. I’m letting my winner run but also trading it in such a way as to optimize my gains and protect against substantial losses when it turns around.

ESSC & ASTR are much smaller positions because they are a larger risk. My current portfolio is consolidated and strategically sized, its a key to profitable trading.


What are you looking to enter today or still with yesterdays entries?

I’m taking the day to get the setup right for actually trading. Did a bit yesterday but it became apparent that we need to flesh out the way we’re doing streams and such before I give it a real go or else people are going to miss a lot. I’m still holding my challenge positions and I’ll provide an update again tonight.