Account Update 8 - $2,418.66 +23%

Daily Comments

Today I’m going to go on a mini rant about pumps. Intraday today the server went a little wild for stocks that were running on no news at all. One of them, had you bought in would’ve been insane gains, however, that play is the absolute minority when it comes to how they “usually go”. How they usually go is pretty much like LFLY:

Let’s break it down. This stock was barcoding and had absolutely no news what-so-ever, then suddenly a candle with 69,000 volume on it creates almost a whole dollars worth of upward movement. This was at roughly 1:20.

Now, it started immediately making the rounds in various pump servers and at around 1:40, it hit 5 rivers. Highlighted in the yellow area on the chart is that timeframe where the most volume after that initial front run buy-in came in. Everyone who FOMO’d into that callout had exactly two candles on the 1m timeframe to sell or else they didn’t get out green.

So to recap, almost all the volume was congregated in a price point that it immediately left and never returned to. That means that the vast majority of people in this play were only green for maybe a couple minutes and most all of them are likely very red now and will be for the foreseeable future.

But there’s one more aspect to this that needs attention. You see that note at the top? The candle responsible for reversing the trend contained volume almost completely proportional to the volume that came into the stock when whoever was front-running this call made their buy-in. That candle belongs to someone dumping on everyone who took this callout, they became nothing more than exit liquidity for someone looking to enrich themselves on the backs of others.

So today I ask you a question; who are you trying to enrich? Is it yourself or is it someone else? If you’re looking to make other people rich, more power to you. But if you’re looking to better your own life, maybe think twice about FOMOing into these “opportunities”. If a stock doesn’t have a reason for running, you usually don’t have a reason to trade it.

Back to our regularly scheduled programming.

Play Breakdowns


I FUCKING GOT ONE MOTHERFUCKERS! ahem, so… I got an earnings hold correct. Last night using the following DD: BKKT - Potential run-up to earnings - I had decided that BKKT’s earnings were likely not going to be too great. I’d been wanting to demonstrate how to properly play earnings and this was somewhat of an opportunity to do so. I bought two puts yesterday, took profit on one and let the other one ride through earnings. I made 30% on it yesterday, today when I cut at open, I made roughly another 100%.

However, I also then demonstrated a bit that we always forget like is talked about in the following thread nobody ever read: Analyzing our earnings plays - which is to play the same play again but instead now taking into account what the results of the earnings were. After noticing the stock had come down significantly intraday, I identified that it was trading in a bear flag. I made a callout on what I believe to be the “tip” of the flag and took 2 puts. BKKT continued downward but also was helped along by SPY’s dramatic cliff diving. In the end, remembering to play BKKT after earnings netted us another 38% gain. So all together we made 30%, 100% and 38%. Now heres the trick: if you remove the gamble which could’ve went against us easily, we made 30% and 38% in two easy as fuck trades with incredibly less risk than we took on to achieve the 100%.

It often makes more sense to make the 30% and 38% then to risk losing all that profit on a coin flip. I think a lot of us should be doing that more often.


In a development that would surprise absolutely nobody; it looks like Russia is still planning to attack Ukraine. I’m not going to spend too much time on this trade because its been covered, however, we essentially did the exact same thing we did yesterday. We identified an inverse H&S early in the day, took our positions in head and let it ride. The news we’ve been following has been forcing the stock upward out of correlation with SPY so we know that at least at this time Algos are trading it as though Ukraine developments increase the value of LMT. Our thesis is that the stock is currently waiting for confirmation of an invasion and should see somewhat of a pop as a result. However, we’re currently holding green and we have safe expirations and near ITM strikes in case that doesn’t happen.


I’m actually decently excited about XOM at this point. We watched it respect that $78 support the entire day in the face of some intense downward pressure from SPY. Given the environment surrounding Ukraine, it looks like XOM might be very well positioned for a pop soon and we’ve collected a very solid position at almost the lowest prices the options trade. This type of trade is among one of my favorites. I’ve never been super down, the stock really doesn’t do anything too crazy, we’re just waiting, somewhat stress free until the catalyst comes along and gives us money.

Closing Thoughts

I was really touched to read through all the testimonials of people that have been helped by the challenge in yesterdays update. Thank you to everyone for the kind words and I cannot described how amazing it is to see all the positive changes that are happening. Love this place.


Today: +23%
Week: +102%
Challenge Overall: +141%


I really enjoy reading these break down posts, I learn new things every time thank you!


Thank you for taking time out and explain the trade, and it was nice today watching you charting out the H&S, and the bear flag. Thanks you, will continue to learn from everyone.


I’ve been following along with XOM as well and think I got a good entry!

I still don’t have much time to be in VC or watch the stream, so these daily debriefing posts are great.

Russia invasion seems all but confirmed. But the options for XOM are expiring next Friday. If Russia keeps everyone on edge but doesn’t invade before then, do you plan to roll out the options?


Speaking on the pumps, it was good to see how many people jumped in to call them what they were and warn others vs the number of people spamming tickers and rocket emojis. I think that speaks volumes about the kinda community the majority here want to build.


Well said on the pumps, Conq, and how we should protect ourselves from chasing such dumps.

Regarding the challenge, I know we’re only at the beginning but god damn the server is already behaving and improving as traders. The insights gathered from watching the stream and listening to Conq’s rationale on trades is absolutely brilliant. The quality of this community and leadership continues to impress.


This is gonna be long. TLDR: thank you, Conq. please everyone, forget the pump and dumpers.

I remember back in late August when I first came across u/StonkGodCapital and the well-written prose about IRNT. In a sea of noise, Conq’s post cut through all that with precision and clarity. Being able to explain the basics of a gamma squeeze to someone who never heard of it, I thought, was really intriguing. I found myself asking, “Who the hell is this StonkGodCapital?”

Since then, he’s become Conq. And he has stayed trued to who he is. You get what you see with Conqueror. A brilliant, insightful trader. Funny as hell. Hates to lose. Definitely a pervent.

Fast forward 6 months later, and I’m watching this man live stream the inner-workings of how he operates. A window into this mind. And I’m so grateful.

I can’t imagine someone, let alone hundreds, watching my work screen everyday. Luckily, my work doesn’t expose my inner thoughts in real-time, or make me vulnerable to scrutiny and critique at any moment. And instead of trading like he usually does, to prove that Valhalla works, he handicaps himself by starting off with a 1K account and trades only DDs and callouts from the server. Why the hell would he do that? The man’s made his stacks many times over. Why the hell would he spend hours on of his life on this place? I once remember listening to Conq talk about why he first started TrailerParkBets. Because he found people he genuinely liked and he wanted everyone better their lives. Pretty fucking corny, right? Well he got this sappy-ass because it was the reason I stayed. Conq’s doing this to teach us how to trade so that in the slim-chance we genuinely want to better our lives and aren’t degenerate heathens, we have a way to better our lives.

Honestly though, all that wouldn’t matter to us if he didn’t produce, would it? So what the hell does he do? 1.5x an account in two weeks! Seismic gains but when you see him do what he does everyday, that astounding number doesn’t seem like some far-fetched dream. It’s a process that is being demonstrated in real time. Where the hell are all the haters now? Fucking crickets. Why? Because people are realizing Conq really is just that fucking good. Most likely better than them.

What makes it even better is that there’s been setbacks. Curveballs. But there hasn’t been some magic algo or breakout scanner he’s using. It’s so real and I’m honestly fascinated.

And for all the FURUs that some defended so vigorously on trading floor? One by one they’re quitting FinTwit and exposing themselves for the shysters they are. Conq? Just going about his day - while SPY takes a shit and everyone bemons they dont’ know what to play - trading exactly the way he tells us to do.

My small account grows (albeit slowly) as I watch Conq more than I trade. Unfortunately, life is getting busier for me, but I’ve had the luxury of settting aside at least the morning hours to watch and learn. And I’ve learned so much. When LFLY got called out, I was happy for those that already had positions, but it didn’t tug at me like before. I didn’t need to FOMO that shit into my veins. I’m not looking for overnight, get-rich pump and dumps. Because more often than not I’m gonna be a part of the dump. This realization made me really, really happy.

Most importantly, I’m happy with seeing a little green everyday knowing that the green I got was something I understood and planned for. Not some lucky hit off a lotto crackpipe. Because the more green I see, the more I learn, And the more I learn, the more I believe in myself that I can do this to.

Thanks, Conq. You changing my life for the better, man. You my ear porn, brother.


Thanks for the update Conq and insight on these plays, been a busy week for me with work/family and have been pretty disconnected from the market. These are really helpful recaps along with the forum posts that have been helping give me direction when I haven’t had a lot of time.

Most of my XOM position is leaps that I feel like I’ve averaged down pretty close to support and now it’s just a waiting game (well said Conq) and helps me get through next week which is full of meetings, took a longer position to diversify but won’t be afraid to cut when it hits my target just wanted the benefit of time.

Also well done to you and all the mods on the pump’s and how they’ve been addressed, my trading has been extremely consistent the last four weeks and I don’t miss the stress and chaos of those plays.


I damn near forgot about the stress. I’m more successful now, with less stress, because I understand what I’m trading and why, and am content taking profit and moving on. Not looking for “THE play”, and just focusing on making good plays, it’s like a weight off my shoulders.

You literally just set the lightbulb off about why I’ve been so content lately regarding trading.

ETA: I don’t wanna downplay Conq, but I’ve been picking up a ton from other members as well. Honestly I can’t get in VC or watch the stream throughout the day, and just read his intraday and EOD updates. The whole server is a wealth of information.


Thank you Conq for the breakdowns of the trades and the stream. Really appreciate all you do for the community!


You guys said it! No more sleepless nights stressing out about 4am PM moves. Just JB’s 7 am scalps lol.

And this is bang on for me.The forums and members work is really good and provides me with conviction.

When my schedule gets busier, I’m planning on replaying Conq’s streams to watch how he trades the open and then fast forward to the time stamps of any intraday announcements to watch how he traded it.


Echoing that, it’s great having “VODs” on Youtube. I can go back and correlate the callouts to what was happening on stream and see how it played out. This is amazing. Thank you. Staying mostly cash at end of day has done wonders for my stress levels as well. Truly life changing education happening here. Sincerely appreciate all of the effort that goes into this.


Yeah man you said it, I had pretty much the exact same introduction story to this place and Conq, and all this has me extremely excited for the year. I was saying it the other day in discord, but the stream is incredible, not to sit and blindly follow into trades, but because of the peek into both the thought process and action of a successful actual trader. I haven’t just been sitting, watching the stream, waiting for Conq to make a move, and then do the same, but something about it all is certainly working, because this week and last have been the most successful (realized!) ones I’ve had really maybe ever. If we’re not counting lucky lottos or the big, three or four times a year type plays, it definitely has been.

Between following the DD here, callouts during the day, and this challenge (not gonna lie, and some tuition paid back to the market on those fuck ups you kinda have to make once), I’ve learned to begin making much, much, much more rational and measured decisions while trading. Cash account, nuff said. I thought the news scanner in the stream was pretty neat, hey, that’s weird, I’ve been searching for news catalysts on tickers I’m holding a lot more than I was a month ago…The small and consistent profit taking (with a few reminders on TF not to be a greedy bitch from the Heroes/Gods/Demigods etc…thanks again for that on that LCID scalp @thots_and_prayers, I totally, definitely was gonna hold that put overnight straight into red hah), hey, look, overall I’ve begun to exit at ‘only’ 5 or 10% (with a few 40% bangers bro), and hey, look, those were almost always close to the tops! 50% on the week? Who’d. Have. Thunk.

This entire project, experiment, class, however you see it has been an IMMENSE success as far as I see, and the numbers ain’t lying either. I don’t want to speak for others, but it also kinda seems like the entire damn server is medium to big green lately. Conq, I really think Valhalla will end up doing big things, there’s so much more here than anywhere else just on the trading, but the community is truly amazing. We have such an amazing group of people here that I’m proud to be a part of… I’m not lying the days when I log off and say Love y’all haha. Never thought I’d find friends in a gay ass Viking roleplay trading server, but look ma, I did it!

The lessons learned from this challenge and Valhalla in general are already changing lives, and will change more to come. What you’re doing here truly is amazing, and as said above, where the hell are all the FURUs now? That’s right, taking their breaks til things cool down, or doing taxes, or whatever excuse. Sure as shit not taking their own time to show their skill (with both hands tied behind their back!) just to help others, that’s for sure. I’m so grateful for all of this, truly thank you Conq


Thank you for the breakdown! This is extremely helpful for figuring out my own process and how to make more profitable plays.