Addressing Danny's Departure

As a result of recent events, Danny is no longer a part of our community.

About two weeks ago, one of our tools was reported to a vendor as breaking their TOS, which it did and was a fair report. However, the same user that made the report, started to doxx me around that same time by releasing bits of my personal information little by little in a way that only I would recognize, starting with where I live. Once that user got more brazen, they were called out and removed from the server.

Last night during a mod meeting Danny became very passionate about calling more gamma squeezes and left the meeting early after not getting the answers it would seem he was looking for. The reason he left early was to run a bot to attempt to further doxx me server wide.

Danny had apparently been attempting to torment me for the better part of two weeks, seemingly with the intent of causing me to have a breakdown and leave the server, potentially assuming that he could take it over. The only end result however was adding some stress onto me and making my wife feel unsafe in her own home, something which I’m trying to not think too long about because I get more enraged about it the longer I linger. He was caught after it was noticed that his YouTube profile which shares the same username as some of his other accounts was attached to this account he was using for the bot.

I considered Danny a friend and I stuck up for him almost consistently over the past year. I was the only reason he wasn’t banned from this community from times so far back as when it was called “Trailer Park Bets” and that is a decision I now regret.

So with that said, Danny is no longer apart of the community, I wish him well and hope he finds whatever it is he’s looking for in life.


I knew Danny had a spiteful nature after a few poor interactions with him in the past, though I didn’t know it could and did go deeper than that. Actually worried me that I’d be banned in the past because of it.

You did the right decision at the end in my book. No one should be doing what they’re doing for the sake of influence. We’re here to make money and hopefully do good with it. I hope what happened doesn’t have lasting consequences and that your wife and you don’t need to worry about this man for too long.


“Trailer Park Bets” … What the actual fuck???


Sorry to see this happening to you - it is not right. It is just plain Wrong. I hope the family is ok.
No matter the dispute, no one deserves to be doxx’ed.

One thing that has always stuck with me, “Is when you said we are here to make money, we will not do it off the backs of others.”

To echo Conq’s comment. I hope Danny is doing well. Let’s all keep in mind he was part of the server for a long time and probably has many friends here.

We all have life’s outside of the words on a screen or a voice in chat and that should always be respected.

The only stress anyone should ever feel is when they decided to buy and hold TSLA FD’s.


that’s pretty disgusting. I hope nobody is dumb enough to prey on others in this community.


A few have tried and I believe all of them have failed luckily. Just wanted to say if anything odd happens in the future like odd PMs or intimidating behavior, call our attention to it.


Wow. That’s all I’m going to say.

Hope you and the wifey can begin to feel safe again soon.


Feel the same way bro. I dont understand why people gotta be acting like this on the Internet. What happend to just being a decent person ? Smh


Can’t run a Viking themed LARP server without an attempted coup!


I can’t believe what I just read wow


Considering our past interactions I’m not surprised he took things too far; he always had the mentality of his way or the highway, he could never be wrong in his own eyes and had breakdowns ranging from derogatory statements against however he “was against” to this fucking shit.

although I haven’t been active in recent months due to work and other personal commitments, I was hoping he would’ve improved as a person instead of getting worse


It was strange times when the world was young


I’m coming for your cat


What the actual fuck. Get a life loser and good riddance. Actively trying to hit you in your home??? What a PoS


I just caught up on the entire conspiracy. I can’t believe there were so many machiavellianesque scumbags in our midst. (Although to be honest I’m not too surprised since most of the people involved weren’t exactly the nicest people or the most mentally stable). Thanks for everything that you do and I hope this will soon just become a funny story instead of something that you have to worry about constantly. Thanks for sticking to your principles and not letting this become another modern day boiler room like 99% of trading discords.

Also, you’re a much better man than me. I hope they become better people (but only after experiencing hardship and maybe blowing up their trading accounts).

  1. Just caught up on all this. That’s so despicable…glad you made the right decision for your own family’s safety and the server as a whole.

  2. Trailer park bets? :rofl:

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Sorry you had to deal with that, especially when you spent the better half of the last month coming back to build this server up stronger.

I’m looking forward to getting more active in here again and this type of transparency with all of your recent announcements has been helping with that.

Conq out here just trying to build kumandra, meanwhile fangs be like… (yeah… I know… but couldn’t resist, I’ve regressed to toddler brain)

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Damnnnnnn this is quite the news. I’m so sorry you and your family had to go through that. I remember having the discussion long ago re: Danny and I couldn’t fathom then that he would ever go to these lengths. You def made the right call.

As for Trailer Park Bets, I don’t think this place would have been possible without it but that was a weird time in our lives haha. I wouldn’t take it back for anything. (Humble beginnings :laughing:)

@Conqueror fuck the haters. Keep doing what you’re doing cuz we love that shit.


Your decision is definitely warranted. No one’s family should feel unsafe due to another member.

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Been just lingering for some time now but you have my sword to smite any bitchasses