ADOBE TA + Financials

First post in here so just let me know if its a good DD.

So I took a short position on ADOBE for the end of year.
Almost all of my financial research is done using the more finances page on trading view.
If someone has a better way of doing financial research, let me know and I’ll look into it.

Adobe is currently around $650 USD. It has a 53 P/E ratio.
50 seems reasonable for a tech company but its still a little high.
The market cap to revenue is what really tells me the company is overvalued.
Market Cap of 306B. But they only bring in 13B last year. For me that’s a crazy evaluation.

For the TA part. I just looked at the yearly chart and saw a double top. Looks like its gonna trade down to
$500-$550 USD.

Not financial Advice. I can share my positions but I don’t know if its required on the forums.