AEHR - New Order
This order is actually a bigger deal than first thought.

  1. it is an initial FOX-XP system, so that means it’s one system. Usually means about $1m or so. It won’t be shipped out for two quarters so won’t hit this ER. But this system will be the testing system to work out the kinks and all that.
  2. the addition of the high volume Super and multiple Wafer Pak Contactors means this is for an automated system and also means recurring orders for their Wafer Pak Aligners as well (single use product)
  3. this is a new customer and they not only cited Growing to supply the electric vehicle space but also electric trains… have to do some digging but that’s never been mentioned before by any customers up to this point. So this is a whole new driver for growth considering most of their current customers are solely focused on the electric vehicle space.

Likely this will cause further big money inflows as there growing outside their main market driver. Alongside the silicon photonics order (likely tied to the big data center build outs for AI) this is setting up very well for them to have a good ER call in June and this current movement will likely cause a lot of the current short position to be covered as well. Assuming debt ceiling resolution doesn’t cause the market to turn down course.


Also to add that just attended two different conferences to present on their products so likely there are more prospective customers in the pipeline as well.


Short position down 30% so far. Ctb seems to be the same. Still watching

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Another one Benzinga

40 dip below today is awesome actually. Looking more actively at entries as this retraces.

They grow up so fast <:pepecry:899174773110763530>image

Pretty big deal here. Likely ends up in some more orders for AEHR at some point. WOLF has been in the dumps charting wise since they announced their huge CapEx increase and had no immediate answer to where the money was going to come from (atm offering was anticipated). But definitely this will have orders for AEHR also semicon is coming up so all the big boys are gonna have time to mingle and well hopefully buy shit

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Fiscal year ER coming up Thursday. Use this thread and past ones to get an idea of how the year has gone

So we have had a great year on this one but I do see a bearish play around 38.19ish unless I’m wrong but thats what I’m seeing

If you’re using only TA then we’re having two different conversations

No I’m looking at the chart daily chart

Also target looks like 29-27ish on the down, taking that from historical data on 6/1/23

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Can you define what TA is for me real quick?


Oooooh oooooh lemme try… Looking at PAST charts for support and resistance?

Did you like my TA?


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