AGC, Gamma Squeeze play + possible Short Squeeze

What this is: Short DD with Objective Data from Fintel and Ortex.
Read: Scalp / Swing Trade

Let’s welcome the moon…

NEWS update:

Being that the merger date has been announced for Nov 30, 2021, here’s my final update to reading the chart…

  • Monday, Nov 29, 4pm is marked with the vertical line,
  • Regression Trend shows that we have been slowly creeping up to the Bullish Upside Room–and once again poked the 14.25 pivotal resistance line,
  • Volume, while AGC has been trading at very low volume for 8 days straight, price has held up well above 13–which is the new pivotal level of support since 2 weeks ago,
  • MACD, selling pressure has significantly lowered as demonstrated by the light red bars of the histogram,
  • MACD line and Signal line is looking to cross and primed to move up above the middle line–green bars very soon,
  • RSI has crossed over to the upper bands,
  • BB %b has not touched the very bottom since Nov 2, the line is still in the middle so not a bad area to load up here–if you’re bullish,
  • Momentum Squeeze indicator, well this is fun to see, AGC only ever squeezes to the upside–notice the white dots on the green bars,
  • Since October 20, AGC has not squeezed to the downside even once–even with obvious selling pressure,
  • Parallel lines show higher highs and higher lows since October 21,
  • Pivotal Resistance line of 18.11 will be the last gate to hold the price back, if that breaks, then 30-34 may be the upper limit channel according to the Fib Extension tool,
  • Fib Time Zone 21 still has plenty of days to reach new highs,
  • Fib Time Zone 21’s beginning is in line with the recent high of 17.95, possibly pointing that even at that level, you should still see profit in this zone.

God speed.

P.S. - I almost forgot to post this update too for the Options Overview History and Chain…

That 1D iV Change of +21.36% should make a bit of impact this week.

Put/Call ratio is Neutral to Bullish.

[size=4]Fintel Short Squeeze Score update:[/size]
2 points higher than when this research was posted…

[size=4]Ortex Alpha Signal update:[/size]

Announcement of merger/acquisition with GRAB (Singapore’s UBER eats rival)
Free Float - 41.12M
Options History since last Friday is loaded, and Options Chain is jacked.
8.6 Days to Cover Short Interest per Ortex.

*** These are just supporting data, I wasn’t the one who called this possibility. Find that sus and feed them your thanks.

About them:
Altimeter Growth Corporation (Nasdaq: AGC) is a special purpose investment vehicle sponsored by Altimeter Growth Holdings (“Altimeter”), which is part of the Altimeter Capital Markets Platform, formed to invest in and help bring a world-class technology company to the public markets.

On April 13, 2021, Grab Holdings Inc., Southeast Asia’s leading superapp, announced it intends to go public in the U.S. through a SPAC transaction in partnership with AGC. The combined company expects its securities will be traded on the Nasdaq under the ticker symbol “GRAB” in the coming months.

About GRAB:

Barchart Options History

Options Chain for 11/19

Barchart Opinion (Ai) with Resistances noted

Fintel data

Ortex data

Yes, it signaled Short Squeeze Type 3 just now!

Full Disclosure: I only have 5 17Cs and they’re already green with IV.

*** Never fall into FOMO! If you don’t know how to play this Gamma Squeeze, sit it out and just learn.

Current chart development…


2 of the pivotal resistances have been broken in PreM, and the last one got poked too…

Will add more as I find legit stuff, please feel free to chime in.


Looks like it will be a good scalp at open to sell before the dip… I will keep an eye on it and see if there is a good entry and might take a small position. Great DD as always! Really appreciate your posts!


Do we have speculations on the merger date?


11/1 is the rumor, but could be anytime in Q4.


likelyhood of the merger going through? (double post)


For people who are actually interested to find out more abt the target


Thanks for this. Though I’ve heard good things about GRAB, I’m more interested in a squeeze play here. With that being said merging with a decent company does help in terms of retail hype.

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Not 100%, but seems pretty likely. Timing is the only question.


NEWS archive on this SPAC merger

Reuters - April 13, 2021

Bloomber - June 9, 2021


Seen this posted in the Stocktwits feed.



My pleasure. Try and look out for announcements or other possible catalysts in the coming days.

Ortex update…will be interesting to see how this runs next week…


nice dd. got some shares right at $13. going to try to see if I can average down. Lets get this bread everyone.


Grab F-4 filings on the 18th if anyone has the patience to look through these kind of things and can maybe find some kind of indication of when the merger is suppose to be let us know. I personally DO NOT have the patience to. Thanks


Thanks for DD. Hopefully 11/1 rumored date will come out and isn’t priced in.

Thanks for sharing! Here’s my shot at some tidbits from scanning this doc:

From what I read so far, there needs to be an “initial merger”, then “subsequent merger” then the “acquisition merger” with GRAB.

Also read this, when do we typically find out voting results?

Q: When do you expect the Business Combination to be completed?
A: The Business Combination is expected to be consummated promptly following the satisfaction, or waiver, of the conditions precedent to Closing set forth in the Business Combination Agreement, including the approval of the Business Combination Proposal, the Initial Merger Proposal and the Governing Documents Proposal by the holders of AGC Shares. For a description of the conditions for the completion of the Business Combination, see the section entitled “The Business Combination Proposal—The Business Combination Agreement—Conditions to Closing.”

Conditions to Closing, page 146: From here I would think we may want to itemize each condition to determine any “bottleneck” date.
-First condition is shareholder approval; when do we see these votes? At the shareholder’s meeting on 11/23 or sooner? (Not familiar with how votes results are released)

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Here’s a writeup someone did on reddit, kind of summarizing the merger and the general gist of the play - Reddit - Dive into anything


Also some things from the F-4:

  • Grab’s CEO Anthony Tan controls 60% of the voting power and the Board has unanimously voted to approve the the business combination agreement.

  • Merger dates have been left blank

Looking for an announcement to shareholders regarding the vote date


The only issue I’m seeing here is the highly touted November 1st date seems to be completely made up? Anyone have any idea where these timelines are coming from?


I’ve been looking for the last couple days on the actual date and timeline. So far, I haven’t found anything that says November 1st. Pretty sure someone just made that up and others went with it.