Alexthegooses retarded journey back to breakeven

As u can see my account is pretty far down, after ESSC I was left with a whopping 44 dollars but i somehow managed to scalp SPY with that and get it to where it is now. I realize that scalping SPY only works until it doesnt so I have made a better risk tolerance decision by putting the account into a RSX 5p 3/18 :yong:. Ik yoloing is really dumb but with this much buying power u gotta be a lil risky to get up, hopefully RSX will work out and i will be in a better position to take (a lil more) responsible position sizes.

The only reason I am on RH is cause i dont want to leave it till I see that all time green, I do all my looking on webull and just buy/sell on rh.
Hopefully this journal will help me see my mistakes better so I can learn as much as possible from them :pepepray:


Ight so i wasnt planning on adding any money to my account but that WEAT dip was too juicy so i got a 11c 3/18 for .55. My all time is now 70% down instead of 77%, and with that RH email someone got about RSX things are looking good so far for my accounts future. :pepepray:

it turns out the dip i bought into yesterday was a fake dip, ended up selling my WEAT for a big L. account is now down 75% instead of 70% yesterday. Still waiting to see if RSX blows up my account or not :yong:

didnt trade today, prob gonna chill until RSX saves or blows up the account. or ill scalp spy monday with the 30 dollars of buying power :yong:

my RSX option is gone but the money is still there, perhaps the market gods have sparred my account, there might be hope after all :pepepray:

The holy 30 dollar yolo :pepepray: