ALLK - 90% Price Drop - possible recovery play?

$ALLK - Pharmaceutical company

Saw this post on r/shortsqueeze just recently, however, hasn’t really gained any attention/traction. I think Beaker mentioned this on VC yesterday.

So $ALLK absolutely tanked hard (~90%) from ~$80 to ~$8.5 yesterday due to the following:

A quick look at their financials:

They’ve got bags of cash at the ready.

38m float.


Perhaps this could be a possible recovery play? Boxing day sale on the option prices should we expect some recovery into the new year.

Just an initial dd. Please add on.

Fyi - up 11% premarket

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I personally would wait for it to bottom out, the fundamentals could be good (I’m not sure since I’m not very familiar with pharma in the first place) but no way to know if it’s found the bottom yet.

Apparently the placebo did better than the medication in trial… there’s your lack of “statistical significance” lol. Not trying to spread FUD but there’s a reason it dropped that much and you can’t just use the logic of “it dropped that much it MUST come back up.” If you find anything else that could suggest the drop isn’t justified then I’ll be interested


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