ALLK (Possible Swing/Call Action for 12/23)

So… first off, thank you to Thots & Jack for bringing up ALLK on the TF :+1:

Here’s why it dropped…

After seeing them discuss this, I searched around to see who else was talking about it and found…

What I’ve learned…

Analysts are sending mixed reviews. Downgrading it’s worth to between $8-60

Goldman Sach’s still thinks it’s worth $60 though…

After looking at their 2021 December corporate presentation I got really confused and almost fell asleep. But here it is for you to look at. Maybe it has some insight to why it may be worth more than $8.

ALLK Corp Presentation Dec 2021 121321 500pm.pdf (955.3 KB)

Thinking there is a possibility for some gains here, but keep in mind…. I don’t know shit.

Thank you.

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I said this in another ALLK thread.

Apparently the placebo did better than the medication in trial… there’s your lack of “statistical significance” lol. Not trying to spread FUD but there’s a reason it dropped that much and you can’t just use the logic of “it dropped that much it MUST come back up.” If you find anything else that could suggest the drop isn’t justified then I’ll be interested

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Unfortunately, I’m not sure there’s much value in this company in the short to medium term.

The trials on lirentelimab failed to meet co-primary endpoints and missed by miles.

The stock took such a hit because lirentelimab is Allokos’ only pipeline candidate in clinical development. They have no candidate drugs other than this and this doesn’t do what it was supposed to.

They’ve said they have plans to develop a subcutaneous version of the drug but that’s not even at Phase 1 yet. You’re likely looking at years until that comes back.