Aluminum - A Russian Export

Starting this as there was some discussion on TF this morning around aluminum being a potential play with the Ukraine situation, similar to oil, given how much Russia exports.

One downside, aluminum has been tracking up the past few months and we might be late to the party. ETFs to look into include IYM and JJU

I’ll add to this when I get back home, but a few links from TF that @anon59732070 and @Jopps shared:

Russia: aluminum exports 2021 | Statista (pay wall though)


Seems China har gone from a net exporter of Alum to net importer after shutting down coal fueled melters.
Coal prices are high, or they are worried about pollution, who knows !
But maybe a good idea to watch coal prices too.
If anyone got an account on Statista, that could provide some accurate numbers.