AMAO - Low float spac (1.5m shares) - No options

For reference: AMAO - 8K
I’m putting this in pumps because there is no catalyst at the moment. AMAO is a pre-merger pre-da spac with a NAV of $10.10. It has a float of around 400k under the price of $10.35 and the total float is 1.5 million shares. (This is due to a forward purchase agreement allowing certain accredited investors to redeem for $10.35). This ticker has been somewhat popular on r/spacs recently as people anticipate that this may get pumped in today’s low float meta. It already ran to $11 recently when it was first mentioned on r/spacs. Since this has no options and is close to NAV there is no traditional setup like high short interest or a loaded options chain.

This is mostly a sentiment play and it looks like some people are piling in with the anticipation that this will be the next low-float candidate after THCA. With a NAV of $10.10 the play is low risk and has the potential for good gains if it gets on an influential furu’s radar.


This has caught the attention of 5 rivers.

With no options, I don’t understand what they play would be for it to really pump.

BB just posted this: Reddit - Dive into anything


Also please remember, these can and will go below $10.

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No traditional setup really. It’s a typical low float pump and dump with a nav floor. However it has no catalysts like redemption numbers so you would basically be at the mercy of fintwit pumpers for this to get going.

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It is popping right now - If you do decide to play this I would say it is a scalp

Day traders, or if you have free PDT credits