AMD - Chip Stock favorite

Starting this thread on AMD.
Float 1.601B
No Dividends

Looking to see if it will fill any of the remaining gaps going all the way back to 2019…

Current News:

" Intel (NASDAQ:INTC), Nvidia (NASDAQ:NVDA) and some semiconductor capital equipment firms are the companies with the most at risk from the U.S.'s new rules on restricting China chip shipments, investment firm Citi said.

Analyst Vivek Arya noted that Intel (INTC), moreso than Advanced Micro Devices (AMD), along with Nvidia (NVDA) and Lam Research (NASDAQ:LRCX), could see an impact between 5% and 10% of their sales impacted by the rules, which are believed to be aimed at supercomputing.

“Our first take is that: restrictions seem inline with prior media reports re: closer scrutiny and additional export controls (i.e. not ban), but additional step of obtaining a license on specific technologies that could have military end-use,” Arya wrote in a note to clients.

The analyst added that the majority of U.S. semiconductor shipments to China are for consumer smartphone use and not supercomputing, suggesting the overall impact to the sector will be between 5% and 10%.

On Friday, Nvidia (NVDA) told Seeking Alpha that the new export controls from the U.S. government would not have a “material impact” on its business.

The analyst added that although the additional step is a verification tool to prove the chips are not being used for military purposes and not an outright ban, it is still likely to impact certain areas of logic chips, NAND memory and DRAM chips.

Arya also noted that some U.S. chip makers, including Micron (MU) and Western Digital (WDC), could “benefit incrementally” as they take advantage due to the restrictions placed upon Chinese memory chip maker Yangtze Memory Technologies.

Earlier this month, Bank of America reiterated its buy rating on Nvidia (NVDA) and several other cloud-related semiconductor companies, noting the group is likely to still benefit from increased cloud computing spending."

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Jumped on the Bear Put Spread of 50p/55p for Oct28.
ER is on Nov1.

I’ll probably exit this tomorrow or later this week, but will look to reposition should a bounce to 60 happens.
Currently trading around 56 today.

AMD’s Monthly 200 EMA line is pointing at 34…

Might be a target for next year.



This Twitter thread might be of interest to you - it seems that new US export controls have thrown a wrench in Chinese chip manufacturing. This guy is essentially saying they are fucked for the immediate future. Take it with a grain of salt, of course, but bigly if true.


Can someone with Benzinga please help verify this news?

Are AMD insiders really selling? Thanks. xxx

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Im intrigued by AMD current price action that been going up in the last months. What could explain this growth? Could it be tied to the AI frienzy affecting NVDA where similar chip companies would get some of the hype effects?

Yes AI frenzy. AMD has their AI event on 6/16. I’d expect a pump into it or during the event.

Red day today, yall think People taking profit from yesterday’s gains ? Didnt notice any new data regarding AMD.

Looks like it’s just trending with the market today. You are probably right about profit taking. Everything is dependent on jobless claims tomorrow

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This might be bullish for a swing play this tuesday

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Thanks, been eying AMD for a month now.

I’m gonna be watching this as well, especially if CPI that morning does not kill the market

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<@768562231964860426> can we create an event for today’s AMD showcase

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Starts at 10AM I beleive

1pm EST: AMD Data Center & AI Technology Premiere - YouTube

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