American Eagle: The Jeans of Valhalla (earnings 03/02/2022)

American Eagle earnings is today afterhours and I believe they will be good. Reasoning is everyone whos between the age of 14-24 100% gets their jeans from AE because they legit are and have the best stuff for all sizes and everyone.

  • The American Eagle brand and Aerie brand are demonstrating strong growth. There could be less pressure on Aerie to carry the company.
  • Operating income margins are improving due to less promotional activity.
  • The acquisition of Quiet Logistics could deliver more efficient gains pursuant to fulfillment.
  • AEO is poised to win in the retail space, but I believe the stock is fairly valued. Hold AEO into earnings.

Expert analysis expects AEs revenue of 1.52 billion and an EPS of .35.
the revenue estimate implies a double digit percentage gain year/year.
For the quarter ended October 2021, the company generated revenue of nearly $1.3 billion, up 23% Y/Y.

With prior retail earnings that were good I would expect American Eagles to be good as well. I think the company is fairly valued however with good earnings it could lead to a slight pop.

[size=5]Disclaimer; this is not Financial Advise and I am most certainly not a Financial Advisor[/size]

American Eagle Shorts

shorts make up 23% of the float and are roughly 30.4 million shares. with a good earnings and some retail bulls on it, a pop could do some damage and maybe run the price up some more.

[size=7]ONCE AGAIN[/size]
[size=5]Disclaimer; this is not Financial Advise and I am most certainly not a Financial Advisor[/size]


Count me in milly



It’s called American Eagle so it gives me a freedom boner.
I’ll buy a call.

Bought a 3/11/22 21.5call @ 1.10


I grabbed a 24 FD - for .26


Grabbed a 22.5c FD for 0.60


godspeed :pepe pray: x3

I would be careful. Urban Outfitters and Abercrombie & Fitch reported earnings on 3/1 and 3/2. They both missed but URBN went up while ANF went down.


Looks like ANF had crappy guidance… it’s more about outlook these days


Locked and loaded baby

Thanks for starting this thread Milly! Looks like it may not have gone our way but it was a well-intentioned gamble.

I appreciate this thread @T_Milly - I would have probably never looked at this stock - and it is under $50 a share with weeklies, which is right up my lane -

Going to keep an eye on it the next couple weeks and might look at it as a wheel option.

Thanks for making this thread I was actually able to close small profits on a small position because of it. You made a way better DD than I would have and I’m happy to learn from it!

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Mission failed, well get em next time

apologies if u played this and lost money, I am sorry.

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No worries at all. I played one contract and only did it because of my RSX gains from this week. Chalking it up to a good learning experience on a small earnings position, which I really need to learn more about anyways. Don’t lose sleep over this!

I played the run up based off your DD here (promised myself no more holding through earnings itself) and made enough to pay for a pizza.

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Well knew the risks - you don’t need to feel responsible - it was a well DD - ER’s are always a gamble.
Not like we would gave you a cut if all made money on it :wink: