AMTX, a coincidence

Disclaimer: This is not a callout this is a theory test and watchlister.

On October 6th at 4:31pm 374,000 shares of AMTX got bought in that one minute, the next day the stock steadily rose just over 10%.

On October 13th at 4:33pm 252,000 shares of AMTX got bought in that one minute, today is that next day.

These buys both were well over 1% of the float and came at nearly the same exact time. The first buy being the night before a breakout day. Neither of these buys are ordinary for this stock, especially considering it happened at the same time in AH.

If you look at the one hour of the AMTX chart you will see that the stock is in a bullish cycle and has been trading up for weeks. If you look at the industry it’s in (natural gas) the industry has been doing well over this same time. In terms of SPY correlation as of writing this SPY finished green and the futures look like it will be another bull day.

This is not a gamma squeeze play, but it doesn’t hurt to have OI so here it is

Free Float of 29.55 million
20s 2,644 OI
22.5s 1,278 OI
25s 1,393 OI
30s 1,185 OI

Based off what I am seeing I think the buy in AH and the bullishness of the market and stock we should at the very least see a somewhat green day today, however I think this has potential to be a very green day just no more than 10% but still good movement. Also the OI doesn’t hurt and if we see the 22.5s go itm that could help us along but I doubt 25 is possible.

This is a one day play and very theory based it’s not solid it’s a hunch. I am only getting 3 October 20s and I ask you either stay out of it or get no more than I do because I am not even confident enough to go deeper than that.

The counter DD is that it has traded sideways for a little now on the one hour and might be on the verge of a breakdown and not a breakout.

Any reference to this play is for October 14th after today I have no idea what it does or care because I will not be in it.

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Interesting hunch. Any theory on why the volume the day prior? Definitely not enough data to deem a pattern until after tomorrow, but if it holds up we should keep an eye on it.

I don’t know why the buys happened I just find it weird how identical they were and I like that the last time it happened the stock ran the next day.

Took some calls on this because these theories are my favorite.


Had it worked I’d of been dancing in VC. But I only had a 40 dollar loss so it’s not that bad.