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This is a long article by an independent analyst that covers tech. He dives into Amazons strategy for rolling out the Buy with Prime service and it’s potential impact on Shopify. So consider this a two for one article.

This is a great article from WSJ covering what I believe is the most common complaint people have about Amazon. You search for a certain item, and get hundreds of listings with slightly different names and prices all over the place.

That is the reason I won’t shop on Amazon unless I absolutely can’t find what I’m looking for anywhere else, or I’m shopping for a very specific item that only returns a singular result and Amazon has a considerably lower price.


Was casually scrolling and found this tweet apparently about Morgan Stanley’s projections from March for fuel costs for AMZN.

Not sure how many other institutions have similar projections but perhaps when the revisions come, we may see target price reductions with target earnings reductions?

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