Announcing "Macro Monday" Trading Discussion

As a result of the popularity of (and I guess some frustrations with :kekw:) our bi-weekly VC Night sessions, we’ve expanded the idea and starting this upcoming Monday we’ll be holding a “Trading Discussion” night.

This will be different in format than VC Night as it will utilize a stage channel (Q&A Style) and will be kept strictly on topic regarding trading and macro.

The first of these is this upcoming Friday April 10th @ 8pm EST. @TheHouse will be in attendance as will I and I greatly encourage more in the @Legends to attend as well.

Use this thread to queue topics and questions. This night is a step towards making the community more serious about trading again and if that is something you’ve been wanting from us, make it a point to take advantage of and to contribute to this effort.


Great development, looking forward to it.

Probably obvious areas that will arise anyway, but i’d like to hear the community’s take on where we think the market is going for the rest of the year.

Is a recession inevitable? Banks imploding, continued rate hikes, increasing lay offs, inflation seems sticky; but at the moment the market seems to not care. Can we see SPY/SPX retracing 10/20% +. If so, are you guys sitting in cash currently and waiting it out? As a community how can we play it?

Having never invested through a bear market before [still a noob], would be interesting to hear how experienced traders play it. Is it smart to stock pick, and look at Costco / healthcare / recession theme stuff, or you still dollar cost averaging into SPY and not caring?

Probably a lot of waffle above, but hopefully throws up some topics. Thanks guys.


Really appreciate these topics, we’ll touch on them for sure.

We’re going to dive into the current macro environment and how a recession narrative is likely to play out including looking at this weeks price action surrounding the jobs data and what can be learned from the market’s reaction.

We also want to touch on bear/bull sentiment and the idea of “bad news being bad”.