Announcing New Roles/Role Changes

As promised, we’ve taken on reworking the performance award roles. However, since I was making these changes anyway, we’ve decided to introduce some changes to the other roles as well. Note that these changes are not live. Along with the reorganization of the role system, there will be some changes to who currently has specific roles. All these changes will be completed within the next few days and an announcement will be made when they are complete, including an announcement when we open applications for the new performance roles.

In the following tables, the columns are:

  1. Role
  2. Description
  3. Mod Powers - A description of the moderation abilities the role possesses.
  4. Indic. Ability - Whether or not the role is indicative of the individuals trading ability/skill/IQ. Roles that have this as “Y” are considered to be a “co-sign” that the individual is to be trusted to provide advice to the community. This does not mean to only trust the words of those individuals, it simply means that they will likely have your best interests in mind and that the information they are providing is more likely to be accurate.

Administration/Community Leadership Roles

Description: These roles define the leadership of our community. People with these roles are seen as beneficial to the success of the community on the administration side, but, the roles in this category do not insinuate that the people who have them have any special trading ability or that their opinions on trades should be valued higher than those who have the “credibility” roles.
Changes from Previous:

  1. Ascending is no longer a queue role for the “credibility” role category. It is now purely an administration level role to notate people that are helpful and/or seen as good for the community as whole. As such, Ascending no longer insinuates the individual has a higher trading ability.
  2. Executioners are now taking the “Demigods” role name to clear up continued confusion on what the roles purpose was considering the closeness of “Gods” and “Demigods”.
Role Description Mod Powers Indic. Ability
Gods Server Administrators Ban/Kick/Mute N
Demigods Server Moderators Ban/Kick/Mute N
Ascending Helpful Community Members Mute N
Architects Community Developers (Forum, Mimir, Dashboard App) N N

Credibility Roles

Description: These roles define “credibility tiers” of our community. People with these roles are seen as having above average and greater skill and intelligence in trading and its related topics. As members progress through these ranks, they are perceived as having a greater contribution to the community as a whole and a higher level of trust.
Changes from Previous:

  1. As previously noted, Ascending is now completely disconnected from these roles.
  2. Demigods are now called “Legends” (again)
  3. A new role has been created called “Champions” which takes the slot of the Heroes role in the hierarchy.
  4. Heroes has been moved down a level and is now the entry point into the “credibility” roles.
Role Description Mod Powers Indic. Ability
Legends The Greatest Minds in the Community N Y
Champions Highly Skilled/Intelligent Traders N Y
Heroes Above Average Skilled/Intelligent Traders N Y

Knowledge Endorsements

Description: Given that we have a lot of members that have pertinent professional credentials, we’ve found that it may be a good idea to offer “endorsement roles” to denote them. Those roles are as follows:

Role Description Mod Powers Indic. Ability
Finance Expert Financial Knowledge Endorsement N Y
Medical Expert Medical Knowledge Endorsement N Y
Tech Expert Tech Knowledge Endorsement N Y

Accountability Roles

Description: Due to our growth, I think there is a need for what I’m calling “accountability” roles. These roles are seen as a method of “tagging” members that either have significant buying power, or a significant following. It should be noted that neither of these rules is indicative of their individuals ability.

Role Description Mod Powers Indic. Ability
Whale Members with Substantial Buying Power N N
Influencer Members with a Significant Following N N

Vanity Roles

Description: There roles are more or less for fun or recognition of things that aren’t completely related to trading.

Role Description Mod Powers Indic. Ability
Valkyries Female Community Members N N
Dungeon Master Given to @discourd for arranging server D&D sessions N N
Dunce Caps Given to members that do stupid stuff, frequent duncing can lead to removal since, as with all jokes, they eventually get old. N N

Performance Award Roles

Description: These roles are given to members to commend their performance as traders. While these do not indicate any specific trading ability, it would be nonsensical to assume that there isn’t some implied with the higher ranks.
Changes from Previous:

  1. Well, there’s a lot fucking more of them, obviously.
  2. Main Change - We’re no longer are awarding roles based upon performance in singular plays. We are now awarding roles based upon performance account wide across a minimum of 6 months. This means that applications for these roles will require showing the updated P&L of your entire account. This also means that it’s possible to go backwards in the hierarchy. Additionally gains that occurred outside the server are now factored into your eligibility for these roles.
  3. The P&L channel that is now archived will be moved to the forum. The new P&L category will allow members to post “Trading Journals” to showcase and host commentary on their personal trading journeys and a larger “P&L” megathread where users can simply post P&L screenshots like before.
  4. Performance role assignments will be conducted via a ticket system. Instructions and more details on this will be announced when the new roles are taken live.
Role Description Mod Powers Indic. Ability
Monarch Performance Role: $1,000,000 Profit N N
Noble Performance Role: $500,000 Profit N N
Aristocrat Performance Role: $100,000 Profit N N
Merchant Performance Role: $50,000 Profit N N
Trader Performance Role: $25,000 Profit N N
Craftsmen Performance Role: $10,000 Profit N N
Farmer Performance Role: $5,000 Profit N N
Laborer Performance Role: $1,000 Profit N N
Apprentice Performance Role: Less than $1,000 Profit N N

It will take a few days to get everything set up as said before, but I will make an announcement when we’re ready to roll.


you forgot the


I like the strategy on these updates to better earn trust within the community:

Any thought to doing a similar performance-base role on the negative side of performance? I know there is a lot of honor with showing consistent growth performance, but is there a mentality that can be take with those that show significant losses to help better taper other types of roles (ie an influencer role but showing net -$100k losses over 6 months might create better trust in the community), as well as identifying traders with either a risk profile or trading style that might need additional direction towards the knowledge base or ‘needs improvement’ section of the community?


If you need more moderators id be happy to help, i was a moderator of a subreddit of 600,000 members for 6 months before resigning. Let me know if you need anything👍


Love this, amazing work! Big things coming to Valhalla!!!


I had mentioned that I didn’t see how profit/loss roles could be continued to be implemented without having a negative effect (i.e holding to hit the threshold for the next role) but… wow you guys worked it out amazingly. I’m all for these changes, well done.

Valhalla continues to improve and refine, it’s awesome to see!

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Great stuff. I like the emphasis on D&D and gamification. Because this is a skill, like anything else, and not an identity. Ego is why people quit. Self-awareness of ego helps them push through pain periods to succeed in the long run.

I’d like to suggest changes to the Application process. We need to filter out those who are here for reasons other than making money. It should also be about helping others (morality aside, this also reduces legal risk). Ask applicants to define what success looks like for them. And then ask: when they attain that success, are they willing to give back to the community and help others improve? How will they give back?

This should set the tone for new membership.


lol can I have court jester…


Question about the time-frame of the performance roles. Although the minimum timeframe is 6 months, what is the timeframe that the profit must have been taken in?

(As having accumulated $1000 profit in one month is more impressive than having accumulated $1000 profit in one year.)

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Not sure if discord allows it, but would be cool if two flairs were allowed e.g. “Demigod/Finance Expert” or “Champion/Whale”

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I see some users with the new performance roles assigned to them. Where do I submit to show my performance over the last 6+ months?

Edit: found it here