Annourncing a raffre in honor of grorious reader Kim Irr Sung

@swoleappa got drunk again and became charitable so we are once again holding a raffle.

So without further ado:

The Raffle

The pot is currently $400. I’ll decide the number of winners as we get closer to the drawing since I assume we’ll see a couple pot donations between now and then. We’ll call it 10 winners for now. The drawing will happen on the 15th.


In order to be eligible you must:

  1. Be an already existing member of the server
  2. Have conversed on Trading Floor at some point (entrants with no message history will be excluded)
  3. Be able to receive a transfer via CashApp

How to enter

Entry is simple, there is a new /raffle command in discord. Running that command will log your entry, and no, running it multiple times does nothing for your odds. If you’d like to ensure you’ve entered though you can re-run the command and it’ll tell you if you’ve already submitted an entry.

How to contribute to the pot

If you’d like to make a contribution to the pot, you can do so via CashApp or BTC: How to make a Donation

If you make a contribution, feel free to comment on this post indicating it.

The raffle command is now live! All hail the grorious reader!


Oh duh, the raffle will be held on the 15th. :kekw:

The pot is now $300 thanks to FIIwoman and someone who has a long name that starts with a D

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The pot is now $400 thanks to a contribution from @cryptowhale101


We’re at $450 thanks to @jjcox82 :pepecelebrate: drawing will be at 5pm EST

$500 thanks to @truedisdain

And $550 thanks to @chumdungler who happened to win :pepecelebrate: