$ANY - Showing continuation, the case for the 10/14 Squeeze

Following up on the old #ANY thread from Discord and why the 4 day play where it peaks tomorrow might still be in motion.

Long story short is it needs to end bullish (within the $8 range or higher) for a potential for breakout tomorrow. Sharing screenshots of some past DD, along with what I just shared in the trading channel.

Also, here’s OI changes since Monday:

$6: 5.4k (-2.0K)
$7: 14.7K (-5,0K)
$8: 20.7K (+5.0K)
$9: 9.8K (+2.4K)
$10: 22.1K (-1.2K)
$11: 4.2K (+0.8K)
$12: 5.2K (+0.2K)
$13: 4.3K (+2.3K)
$14: 1.4K (+0)
$15: 11.2k (-0.7K)
$16: 2.7K (+0.1K)
$17: 0.7K (+0)
$18: 0.3K (+0)
**$19: 0.6K (+0) **
$20: 1.8K (+0.3K)
$21: 0.4K (+0)
$22: 0.7K (+0)
$23: 3.5K (+0.5K)

I personally got in $8 Calls today and will be holding through tomorrow.

EDIT: ANY 3 days prior to it’s last squeeze compared to right now:

Older DD:


Thanks for this! Got out of ANY yesterday, got back in today. Been following your plays and greatly appreciate the work

You’re the man Blugo! Love your plays and the immense amount of you research you put in to them!

Thanks for the update!

Appreciate the contribution! ANY is a bit of a wild card given how correlated it can be to BTC’s price movements. As it stands, there looks to be potential in my opinion, but as far as what we track, it’s due for a pullback here and I would expect the news bump today to be a short lived price hike after it (as of this moment) failed to break out above the $8.30 level for the second time.

Definitely needs a > $8 close today.

(This is just my opinion, I can be wrong, this place is for discussion.)


When you say “break out above the $8.30 level”, how is that defined?

I ask because it hit $8.43, which I assume was a good sign.

It needs to hold above that level and then treat it as support. It failed to do that.


So basically it has to break that level then come down to test the new said resistance level before it’s confirmed?

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