ApeCoin - Bored Ape Yacht Club Cryptocurrency


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Not sure if anyone else is in this with me. I put in some $4,000 at cost basis of $12.46 with the plan to hold on the side for years while I trade stocks with other capital, pay checks, and undergrad stipends. Going to share a deeper analysis. Hopefully tonight or tomorrow on why I think this is a great investment and you’re in early.

A bored ape yatch coin? A crossover between NFTs and shit coins. Fuck it I’m sold. Where do I buy

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You would need a crypto wallet. Tons online like coinbase etc. You’ll be able to buy from there. I recommend Youtube instructions, so you don’t get stuck unable to transact with gas fees. I personally use Uphold where I’m able to buy crypto directly without first buying ETH/USDT and exchanging those. I have reasons to believe ApeCoin has massive upside due to the way it’s structured, its utility, staking, and the popularity it will and is already building this year in comparison to Shiba Inu. The supply is currently under 300M and about 2M+ will be added each month for 48 months until its capped off at 1B this is not dilution as it will be inverted by buying and staking mechanics as well as its utility. This being an entity of Bored Ape Yacht Club and an ERC-20 governance in midst of crypto rebound simply makes me more bullish.

Have you heard about XRP?

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Yes, however that has a market cap of 40B with a circulating supply of 48.12B. When and NOT if ApeCoin gets to that market cap, it would represent an increase of over 1000%. With the right developments, I have no doubt it will get there. Hell, SHIB exceeded that market cap when it was pumped in spite of it’s prior lack in utility.

For those of you who underestimate the clout of BAYC:


If you are still looking to buy, you can buy it on Coinbase and Kraken exchanges.

BAYC and MAYC merch store will open in less than 5 hours. They will only accept ApeCoin.

Decent 5 minute clip summarizing ApeCoin and BAYC:

Recent news from today:

April holds some catalysts for ApeCoin

  1. Benji Banana Play-To-Earn ApeCoins. Gamepass NFT has been on sale for a couple of weeks price went from about $500 ETH to about $900 ETH.

  2. BAYC Anniversary is April 29th and they have a metaverse called The Otherside on the way. It is speculated something will be announced that day.

Everything is on ApeCoin twitter.

Coinbase will be making a 3 part film featuring BAYC and Apecoin. Here we go.



ApeCoin seems to be pumping as we are around BAYC anniversary. I’m looking to add more to my position during the week if this stays under $20. Risk tolerance is high here as I entered around $12 and plan to hold majority for a year.

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Just in: Bored Ape Yacht Club just announced Otherside Metaverse powered by ApeCoin will be released 4/30 12pm.


ApeCoin running on news that new BAYC NFT will be exclusively in $APE. There will also be a 1 year lock up of proceeds.


After only a month and change, ApeCoin is now the largest metaverse crypto in the world.