Apple - Quick Put Scalp?

Ticker: AAPL

Description of why you are requesting DD: I know many (myself included) are generally bullish on AAPL. However, with the news that employees are attempting to unionize, might there be an opportunity for a quick put scalp?

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AAPL is in between movements right now and it could go either way. Seasonally the spring and summer are when it has the most bullish momentum and I think it’ll be a great time for call entries in the next couple weeks.

I wouldn’t count on this employee news moving the stock much either way. There’s so much news about it that a bad story is usually offset by a good one. For example, Charlie Munger (VP at Berkshire) just said that Apple is “ungodly well managed”. I wouldn’t count on the union story on its own moving the stock much. Just my humble opinion.


Appreciate the insight, as I don’t follow AAPL closely.

Out of curiosity, does anyone know when the Amazon unionization attempt become news? I can’t find anything more specific than earlier 2021. I found this MW article stating that it jumped 7% when the attempt failed, but wondering if there was a similar drop when the attempt was first reported on.

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Apple is currently at a key support level in the 166-168 range. If it falls below that it could drop down to 154 where it’s previous support is. The weekly MACD has also turned bearish so it certainly looks more bearish than bullish at this time. Maybe the union news pushes it down here or maybe it’s interest rates or maybe it’s Ukraine. Really hard to say in the moment. I don’t think puts would be a bad call here especially if it breaks through the 166 support.

So Apple broke that 166 level on 2/22 and indeed dropped all the way to 152 before bouncing yesterday. I hope you shorted @nano bc you got the direction correct. From here we’ll have to see if it can regain that 166 level.

I did not. Meant to look into it more over the weekend, but ended up focusing more on Russian stuff.