Apple WWDC June 5 - VR/AR & AI?

Apple has their WWDC starting on June 5.

Most of the rumors circulating suggest they’ll be making announcements about new MacBooks, new AR/VR gear, and new software updates.

However, given the current hype and bandwagon-ing around AI, I’m wondering if Apple will come out with a surprise announcement that they’re working on AI stuff too. For example, a ChatGPT-integrated Siri.
If Apple does announce AI features, it could be similar to an earnings play.

I’ve already closed out my AAPL covered call in anticipation of this.

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It was mentioned in trading floor earlier that this coincides with the deadline date Yellen gave for the debt ceiling being raised. I would presume that the potential resolution would affect the market more than this catalyst, especially given that this conference would start in the middle of the trading day.
If a deal is signed it’s a question of how fast liquidity would dry up (which is something I have to go back and reread as I may not have understood it properly) but deffo think that ceiling resolution would set the trend for the day and potentially reduce the impact this conference has.