Applied Materials Discussion/Earnings Play (Semiconductor)

Description of why you are requesting DD: <Ever since QCOM took off and signs of the semiconductor industry recovering, I have been interested in AMAT but unfortunately have not had time to do detailed DD. The company holds an integral role in the semiconductor industry. Though I have also seen 2 neutral and 1 bearish stance articles about AMAT on Seeking Alpha>
Applicable links to news articles or Reddit analysis: <ALD
Stock Market Insights | Seeking Alpha>

It appears that there are some views about the company being not a viable long term play as the growth will slowdown gradually in the years to come, furthermore due to the fact that a third of their revenues is from China, it can be volatile in the future.
Applied Materials Stock: Not The Best Growth Play (NASDAQ:AMAT) | Seeking Alpha
Applied Materials Stock: Competition & Underperformance In China (NASDAQ:AMAT) | Seeking Alpha

Though we don’t know how investors will react to it short term. I will try to add more detailed stuff on perhaps their products, partners, and suppliers later.

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