APRN short squeeze?!

@G700 shared this tweet https://twitter.com/realwillmeade/status/1559266180371779585?s=21&t=b6hkNMfbk3WMXFTw-1MGzg

The !si wasn’t thaaaaat impressive but in this meme market anything is possible idk


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Just posting some flow data.

Today the flows are clearly bullish and call heavy

5K filter — heavy on the ask side throughout the day but towards the end of day looks like profit-taking or call writing

Call volume really started spiking today. Judging by the size of the trades, this all looks like retail traders.

Stock is looking like a break out over $5

Idk who Sanberg Joseph is but he is mega bullish. However, the stock prices don’t make sense so maybe it’s pre-arranged? Some kind of option or warrant?

This is interesting if true https://twitter.com/realwillmeade/status/1559182919121485824

APRN just announced a 2million share buyback which is 15-20% of the float depending on how big it is. Definitely watching this tomorrow


It looks like this is something they’re just considering as of now. Not officially announcing yet. Here’s the slide covering that during today’s presentation:

Still something to keep an eye on.


APRN possibly found a base at $5 here

I took a small size for 09/16 7c at 0.70


Interweb chatter is optimistic for APRN tomorrow because it seemed to run in sympathy with WEBR intraday today.

After hours, APRN did not follow WEBR (unfortunately for my calls), but perhaps this means tomorrow there is a chance to enter more calls before it “catches up” with the WEBR action.

Or nothing happens at all. Proceed with caution.

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I exited these calls at 1.05 just now

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APRN facing another key level resistance point. Decent time to take profit on calls if you’re still in.

The 7c I closed at 1.05 are now 1.40 zz

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An update from the company was just released:

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