Are all grocery companies in a bubble still from covid? Long Puts Play?

Starting a thread here but we have seen so many tech stocks bubble and come down from the last 2 year Covid pump. However, could we see this in grocery companies? Look at ZM, DKNG, UPST, HUBS etc. Now look at TGT, COST, KR. They are all following the same path. We may have missed the safe entry for long puts on these as their monthly charts show a double top/M pattern. Example puts around 261 for TGT, or puts on COST around that 570 area. Will add more and want others to jump in but I want to get this up to start the convo.


Kroger here in Colorado is dealing with a working strike planned for 3 weeks not sure if it will last longer. Might be worth watching if more stores in the chain deal with the same thing

I work for albertsons. Our shelves are rocked. Supply is short for everything. Stores are not staffed fully. Sales, earnings, and customer counts are at all time highs.


I’m a logistics analyst for ALDI North America (private company) and we are doing just fine. We own a lot of our own trucks and have backup suppliers for our backup suppliers do our stores stay pretty stocked. We are hiring like crazy at the store level and corporate and opening dozens of new stores this year. I don’t know what we do different than others but there’s my 2 cents.

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My company has a partnership with target and receives some high-level updates occasionally and things seem to look pretty good regardless of the supply issues ie foot traffic, sales, market share, AUR are all up

I’m looking at more pure delivery players like DPZ, DASH, UBER, HLFFF, PZZA, etc that would in turn be hurt by retail foot traffic, but all have dumped the last month or so. Not really seeing any safe entries IMO