Are there any firm requirements for gaining/losing Helpful statuses?

I see that we have Ascending, Heroes, Demigod, Gods, etc.

Are there firm criteria for these roles or is it at the discretion of the Gods?

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No real criteria other than consistency as a contributing member, being helpful, sharing expert knowledge, making legendary callouts. Stick to the first three unless you really know what you’re doing and can handle the pressure of a community focused play.

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I read that. But there weren’t any firm criteria such as “x level on discord, y correct/helpful DD OPs” etc.

I don’t think there is an answer past what is already posted. If your goal is to gain a status work on some DD’s and other helpful posts I am sure you will be noticed. If it is more of a question of who to listen to, I would always say look for the DD on the forum - if you hear about it in the chat. Do some research and some digging and see if it works for you. At the end of the day, your realized gains are the most important status.

There isn’t any specific criteria and I prefer it that way. (This was actually discussed at the recent admin meeting).

The reason comes down to my management style. If you put out specific criteria, people will try to hit that criteria and once rewarded, fall back to normal behavior. Instead, if there is no specific criteria, it’s up to the individual to find a way to contribute in ways that work for them and thus expose what they are best at and from there I can decide if they are someone that should be given a louder voice in the community through a promotion.

The upper roles are filled with people that do things as obvious as make good callouts, but they’re also filled with people that do things such as providing consistently supportive messages to other members or constantly helping to encourage good trading behaviors in the community.

Figure out what you’re good at and get involved. I’ll notice you, I promise.

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I do supportive emoting, notice meee!!!

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I do prefer it this way, I was just curious. Thanks for all you guys do

lmao i do a lot of emoting while spectating the chat night and day without saying much

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