ARGX - myasthenia gravis treatment approval potential

Hi all - sharing this as I heard it mentioned briefly on CNBC and when I searched it in the discord, noticed there have been some bullish buys on this. (Also was this maybe mentioned on VC today? I think it may have been but I didn’t catch the tickers).

I don’t have a ton of info and I’m sorry this isn’t a thorough DD, but it seems that the feeling is approval for this treatment is possibly this week - while approval seems likely, the uncertainty is how wide the approval use will be. If approved, it is the first of its type to be approved, though others are in the pipeline with other companies and I’m sure will eventually creep into their space.

ARGX traded up today, and is moving up steadily in AH. While the share price is high, it’s still a bit off the 52-week high of $382.

Anyway, putting this on the radar. Info on the company and news is sparse, so I’ll see what I can dig up over the next day or so.

December 17th.


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Thank you!! I’ve entered a small shares position. PDUFA on OPEX is a lil wild for me.