ARKK Short Squeeze: Retarded Play Based off Retarded Idea by a Retard

Feel free to call me retarded and poke out all the holes in this play because this is kinda for shits and giggles anyways, but still something I’m looking at.

I’ve been watching ARKK for the last couple days because it looks like it’s about to capitulate and go to the critical support of $0, but strangely, we saw a huge volume green day.

Looking at volume, we were going on increasing volume every day, showing signs of capitulation. Even when SPY had huge pumps intraday, ARKK barely moved up and sold off even harder. Seeing -10% was the regular with higher volume. Then today, we saw the biggest volume we’ve ever seen on ARKK. It pumped hard as fuck in the morning and held green really well even while SPY and the other indices were making new lows. I was interested why and started to look at short interest.

Looking at the short interest, obviously there’s a ton and no one is bullish on this stock. But strangely, we saw shorts covering today. 10% of shorts covered today for some reason. Comparing this to SPY:

SPY’s short interest grew 8% today. It’s weird seeing a shit ass stock like ARKK’s shorts reduce while SPY goes up. I can’t find data on the % of float ARKK is shorted, but even then a short squeeze can cause huge pumps like we’ve been seeing on SPY.

One thing I think can trigger a cascade of shorts covering on ARKK is if it breaks $40. This can happen by another morning covering of shorts or if the markets start to go up like I predict soon.

Looking at the ARKK holdings, TSLA obviously holds the most weight. If TSLA can have its retard pump, it could cause ARKK to rise and cause a domino effect of shorts covering.

Looking at Tesla, it held up the 700 support and last time it was this low, we saw an impulsive rally to 900. Looking at the volume as well, it seems like 700 is a huge support bounce zone.

Now do I actually think this squeeze will happen? Probably not because of how shitty the stock is and why shorts would want to cover when they know ARKK will go down anyways. But one thing that makes me believe that this can happen is because I think markets will have a bear market rally soon, causing the holdings of ARKK to pump as well, pushing the newer shorts underwater. Also because capitulation is expected, many are piling onto shorts even at these prices. This countertrend rally from a capitulation move can cause shorts to cover who were expecting capitulation. I’m not expecting a GME type squeeze, more like a squeeze to like $50-70.

Feel free to rail my ass and call me retarded. I’m not bullish on ARKK and I’m going to buy puts at a later time when I think ARKK doesn’t have a chance to retard rally and esp when I think markets will rally soon.


Mr. Yong, what you’ve just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

Nah but for real, really interesting shit Yong. Gonna read into this a bit more and some of the other tickers that behaved similar just for my own education.


I don’t blame you. This is one of the most retarded shit I’ve thought of and I’m the server’s biggest retard. But if this plays out I demand a blowjob


It’s retarded enough to not be retarded, which is usually what makes the most money tbh.


ARKK has been going downhill since mid February 2021. We joke about Cathie all the time, but instead should have had the conviction and bought leap puts against ARKK over a year ago. We will definitely remain retarded longer than she stays solvent.


That’s right plebeians ARKK is up 11.82% today.

Looking at ARKK volume, we might still be seeing shorts covering, although it seems like that all happens in the morning as the volume after the first 15 mins was nothing. Also looking at volume, it was still incredibly high, especially compared to the other indices like SPY and QQQ. This is something to note because today was very low volume, other than fucking ARKK.

I might enter a lotto call of 50-60c (something very cheap) and let it ride because we did break the 8 EMA on the daily with high volume. If markets will continue to rally as I predict, then ARKK’s holdings such as TSLA and shorts covering could push it to the 50’s which will be beautiful entries for puts once markets cool down.

There is some truth to this but it depends on the level of covering we are looking at. Personally for me im just looking at IWM short interesting and some mid low tech caps (some do belong in ARKK) for a market reversal play. ARKK and the innovation plays were used as hedges during this entire FED fiasco so im looking to ride that wave.