Artimis I launch contributors. Possible sentiment movement

Below is a list of all of the main companies involved with assembling the NASA Artimis I spacecraft. As some of you know, I’ve followed a few of these companies with the more recent Russia conflict and have noticed a pattern of the space/defense companies run much more off current events vs. news of contract awards etc. So given this being a major event, we may very well see some sentiment movement from them.

Artimis I is the first in a series of increasingly complex missions that will enable human exploration to the Moon and Mars. It’s next scheduled attempt for lift off is Saturday, 2:17pm ET.

Aerojet Rocketdyne ($AJRD) - designed and built the main engines of the rocket.

Jacob’s ($J) - Jacobs is a provider and integrator of full lifecycle aerospace capability including design and construction; base, mission and launch operations; sustaining capital maintenance; secure and intelligent asset management; and development, modification, and testing processes for fixed assets supporting national government, military, defense and NASA, as well as commercial space companies.

Boeing ($BA) - designed and built the Space Launch System, which is the vehicle underneath the launch pad that allows them to launch it from any position.

Sidus Space ($SIDU) - Sidus Space supported ground and flight hardware for the Exploration Ground Systems, the Mobile Launcher 1, the Orion spacecraft, the SLS core stage, and the solid rocket boosters.

Lockheed Martin ($LMT) - built the Orion spacecraft that will be launched toward the moon by the SLS rocket.This astronaut capsule will be unmanned and have the capabilities of detaching itself from the launch rocket. For now, the capsule has been programmed to orbit the moon and return to the earth after 42 days.


Got a 9/16 call from each company on the list, and 50 shares of SIDU (no options)

Postponed until late September at earliest……

Held on to the LMT, AJRD, and J calls.

Picked up more 9/16 AJRD $45 calls this morning. Have 10 total (.28/avg). These calls have really picked up steam the last two days off of relatively no news. Only thing that’s come out since the scrub was that NASA is still attempting to fix the leaks on the launch pad but haven’t given anymore updates to launch time.

Just sold the J call for +50%

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