Asgardian Intraday Callouts

This callouts thread is exclusive for members of Asgard (Legends and Champions) to make intraday callouts. Asgardians are suggested to use this thread instead of community callouts which is for general members.


If you’re feeling bearish for the Market. Potential entry on SPY puts for July would be here. Recommend ITM or 5 strikes out.

Decreasing volume on uptrend typically indicate a sign of a reversal, but entry here or on confirmation is up to you. I’m looking more on the daily and percieve today as RSI trying to reset. Mostly technicals driving my actions than news currently.

Currently alligned with Puts, but likely to sell it we break above the 377 resistance.


I will be closing out my SPY puts here soon. Seeing if it tests that 376.50 but if I see it push up a bit more I will be out for some profit. <@&895135662867619930>

Sold SPY puts here from callout <@&895135662867619930>

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starting aapl put position here, 135 strike

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SPY 375.50 has bounced 2-3 times already today here, but it fell out of its trend that was up all day by loosing that 377.50 and then 376.50. next support will be 374 if it falls here. I am done for the day. Until I change my mind in 15 seconds. <@&895135662867619930>

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adding qqq’s here, degen fd 2dte 275

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both positions should be up 15+% right now if youd like to cut

cutting aapl 135p here as theyre almost itm, riding qqqs through

cut everything sheesh

Added just 1 SPY put to gamble overnight. Playing this friday 369. Don’t want to do much as I hate overnight holds. Will sell at open for any green. Added KMX puts right before close based on the DD on the forums. Only 2 positions I am holding overnight. <@&895135662867619930>

Boring to watch but see if KIRK pops between now and 5:30pm. Looking for that 4.75 break if it gets volume. <@&895135662867619930>

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KIRK - In for shares cost avg is 4.60. Will cut if it goes below 4.50 <@&895135662867619930>


Out if KIRK. Very small gain and never saw the pop. Didn’t want to hold overnight because I hate that crap. <@&895135662867619930>


KIRK would have been a big winner from last night lol. Hope someone played it better than me <@&895135662867619930>

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PMI is a miss but potentially not that bad, I’m currently positioned call side on SPY but will cut early if it chooses down. Small gamble positioning.


Still holding my call (it’s for the 27th), just letting SPY do it’s thing for now.

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out of my SPY call for 20%


Sold my puts there on SPY at 374. Sorry I have not been here but should have averaged down a lot more at that 378 rejection but still made some % from the puts we were buying yesterday before close. I will call out if I make a move again soon. <@&895135662867619930>


If 375.50/376 gets rejected I will take some puts for quick scalp and sell if it tests 374 again. Tight stop loss and watch the trend of SPY high 378 and low of 374 for now <@&895135662867619930>