ATVI aka Activision/Blizzard devs stealing breastmilk and going to unionize

Ticker: ATVI
Description of why you are requesting DD: Looks like some bad news about a dev stealing breast milk from staff and the staff are looking to unionize, I think they may lead to more downwards movement as its just bad public image and last time they had stuff like this come out it dropped a decent amount.
Applicable links to news articles or Reddit analysis:
Breast milk twitter post :
Union news : Activision exec asks employees to ‘consider the consequences’ of unionizing - The Verge
Union email leak :

Maybe this is nothing but figured I would post this.


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googling also brings up this video of a WoW player Asmondgold

He goes over the breastmilk scandal. haha its pretty funny to be honest and kind of fucked up.

Looks like Rex is on the case in the main ATVI thread here ATVI, the stinking rotting butcher. How greed decays a glutton from within - #16 by rexxxar