ATVI Call of Duty Game Streamer boycott

FYI $ATVI might have some BUD like issues going on right now as of this weekend. Three of the top Call of Duty streamers (NickMercs, DrDisrespect, Timthetatman) have had their bundles and skins removed from the game and have quit playing the COD series games until Activision reinstates a streamer by the name of “NickMercs” bundle when he spoke out against the LGBTQ Twitter posts and said “leave the little children alone”.
The support for these guys is a pretty large following and it looks like many people are following suit and deleting the game.

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Honestly I know this is peanuts compared to everything else that’s going on with activision, just figured I’d throw this up in case it does gain traction.

Isnt Dr. Disrepect the only one boycotting right now for the NickMercs deals?

NickMercs, Timthatatman, DrDisrespect and a lot of their followers. I see it gaining traction on TikTok as well. Who knows how many people are following suit, but figured I’d throw something up regarding this

Also there is XDefiant coming out this year, a COD competitor from Ubisoft, headed by one of the old COD devs

A lot of those steamers had abandoned COD a while ago though and were heavy into APEX

another issue with COD is the keep compressing the skill gap, faster time to kill and a lot of veterans complain that skill based matchmaking doesn’t make it fun as they can’t “pub stomp”

and Path of Exile 2 on the horizon to compete with Diabloe 4

Yeah I know that Activision has a shitload of other games that are wildly popular and COD does seem to be complained about quite a bit. I was just thinking of people tried to go against Activision as a whole for this kind of political crap, but at this point I think it’s not gaining enough traction and/or going to go anywhere at this point

I think ATVI’s biggest issue against it currently is the SEC suing over the merger with MSFT

I think Riot’s MMO is more of a threat to them if that takes off, definitely a good chunk of WoW’s subscriber base gone. But only game I shorted in the past is RBLX when their market cap was bigger than ATVI